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Write 20,000 words for $60. Really?

My sales have taken a nosedive recently so I tried to send some requests to the BR section. Well, my proposal immediately attracted the interest of a potential buyer and they buyer messaged me almost immediately.
The only problem is this buyer wants me to write 50 product descriptions, 400 words each at a cost of $60? Really? That’s 3 days of my life glued to the computer, not forgetting torture to my brain.
Normally I would do 20,000 words product descriptions for $400 or more.
I understand I am broke but I’d rather wait for my repeat buyers to return!
Have you been in such a situation yourself?


Easy - don’t do it if you don’t want to, do it if you do want to. :sunny:


I understand your struggle!
Most people don’t really understand what a job entails until you actually explain it to them.
Have you tried explaining that it is too much work for such a price?
I’ve had very nice comments when I actually took the time to explain the workload of certain projects, maybe the buyer will turn around and really listen to you :sunny:


I won’t do it :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I explained but the client said they can’t go beyond a certain amount. I even asked them to reduce the number of products but they refused.

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Ahw that’s a bummer @trooviez9 . I hope you get more serious buyers soon!

Frustrating I tell you. I hope he/she find a seller who can do it at that very low price.

Fiverr built up its online reputation as the place where you can get all sort of services for $5. That’s what exposed all of us here (sellers) to the millions of buyers. Now the buyers know about us, we have to make it clear that we are not a cheap workforce (at least not anymore). The Fiverr won’t do it instead of us (at least not yet), we have to fight for high paying clients and there is no better way to do it than to decline all insulting proposals.

Good thing you declined that client! You are fighting for a good cause, thank you! :smiley:


Thanks for your response @md0000. I believe that for every one low-paying offer rejected there are many more better paying offers coming on the way. Sellers just have to continue doing the good work and build their brand.

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These buyers are also usually the first to request revisions and outright try to cancel orders.

As far as I’m concerned, working with buyers like this is like accepting candy off Satan.

Never look at a drop in sales as a reason to sell your soul for $5. Broaden your horizons, invest in expanding your skill base. If you are a writer, there are some killer new ways to start making extra money this year.


Interesting. Which ways are those! You invoked my curiosity! :open_mouth:

I’m curious, what’s your rate for one 400 word product description? $5? $10?

Here we have the power to decide what to charge. I love writing headlines, there’s a guy demanding 40 headlines for $15. I’m not going to bid.

If he wanted 5 for $5, I would bit at $10 because at this point, I rarely do anything for $5.

Don’t count on it. Repeat buyers aren’t enough, they’re rare, and they don’t need your stuff all the time. New business is where the money is, being found on search, getting orders, that’s the key to riches on Fiverr.

I agree but recently Fiverr decided to keep all my gigs off the Search. That explains why I’ve been struggling with sales this month. But on the flip side, I am doing quite well on another freelancing platform. It’s essential for freelancers to diversify their source of income.

Here on Fiverr, I do 75 words product description at $5 so 400 words would be $25. Writing winning product descriptions is one of the most difficult tasks for copywriters. What’s your experience?

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I used to write CS about that, “hey, my X gig has disappear” and then they would either tell me they found it, or fix the problem. When I was a Top Rated Seller, it was easy to tell which gigs of mine were being found and which ones disappeared. Now that I’m level 1, it’s not so easy, there are many gigs and I can’t expect to be on the first page all the time.

That’s awesome, I’m glad you’re not writing for nothing. Your rates totally make sense to me. I write a Facebook ad for $10, $20 if you want targeting information, $30 if you want two ads plus targeting. That seems fair to me. Tomorrow I have a job interview, if I get it then I’m raising my rates.

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great right resource right here, agree

Not really the same situation as you, but I regularly undercharge greatly for work to be done because I don’t think most buyers understand what a reasonable price would be.

I also don’t have the reviews on my account that OP has, and I need to build the reviews up.

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Sure they will. This is Fiverr, remember? I won’t be surprised if some sellers would even be willing to do it for $10.

It takes hard work and determination. Sometimes you have to sacrifice your comfort and expertise to work for low pay just to build your profile. But always ask yourself, is it worth it?

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Totally! I did some research and found that the buyer had posted the exact same request on another low-pay freelancing platform. Maybe he got it done there.


Sad to say, but it happens quite often.
A while ago I had a guy asking for a $500 work for $50, saying that he is on a very tight budget, but wanted the best quality. He even tried to guilt me into doing it, but of course I said no. I have gotten to a point where when a buyer cannot agree with my price, I say no right away. They tried to make me feel guilty, I also got the good old “I will be giving you more jobs in the future” etc. I guess it’s because Fiverr is something I do on the side, and even if one person is not willing to pay, there will always be another person who appreciates good quality work and they KNOW that it comes with a certain price.

When I get messages like that I will cringe for a minute or two…then send the “No I can’t give you the world for $5” message and move on.