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Write a gig description that stands out

Greetings everyone!

I’m not an experienced seller nor a successful one, the one who has never got any order, but I still wish to help new sellers like me to write a gig description that stands out.

  1. For me, a description of 700 characters is ideal because it is neither too short nor too long, so try to keep it somewhere near 700 characters.

  2. Make sure it does not have any spelling, grammar, or punctuation mistakes because mistakes will make you look unprofessional and create a bad impression. If you can’t ensure it yourself, then you can try using tools like Becorrect or Grammarly.

  3. Formatting options are there for a reason, make use of them and bold all the important sentences/words that you want the seller to notice first. (You can also highlight them).

  4. Split long paragraphs into lines and make use of bullets; instead of using commas to list whatever you offer - It will make reading it faster and easier.

  5. Don’t forget to use SEO!

That is the clever part, use keywords in your description as much as possible; it will make your gig perform better.

  1. Follow this order in your gig description:


Welcome the buyers to your gig by greeting them.

You can use something like Hi! I hope you’re doing great.


Introduce yourself and let them know about your experience.

(Keep it short and simple).


Let them know the problem they are facing or might face later.

For example, Buyer is a game developer and can’t think of a good game idea to work on - It’s a complication.

Something like Making a great video game requires a great idea and, you are probably unable to think of one. Worry not! I have got you covered. should work fine.


Let them know the solution you have to their complication.

For example, You can write a game idea for them - It’s a solution.

Also, let them know what you have to offer and what they will get from you.

For example, I will provide you with a unique game idea for your next game, explained in a document. The number of words in that document depends on the subscription you choose. More words mean more detail.

Something Special

Leave this part for writing something special that you offer and other sellers don’t. It can be anything from a free additional service to faster delivery. (It is optional to write this part, but doing this will give you an edge over other sellers).

Final Line

Write a final line that will make them message you or place an order.

You can use something like I would love to clear any other query regarding this Gig. Do not hesitate to message me!


You must have said a lot of nice things. We hope you find out more. Thank you


Formatting (supposedly) doesn’t work in the mobile version. Just something to keep in mind.


The thing to remember is what works for one seller might not work for another.

Some services need very little explanation, others need detailed explanation. For me, writing a 700 word description is way over the top for most services. Closer to 200 or 300 words is probably about right. At the end of the day, it’s not about word count - but what information the words communicate. To put it in perspective, your entire (long) post is ‘only’ 450 words and packs in a lot of information.

You’ve also got to remember that many sellers and buyers on Fiverr don’t have English as their first language and will struggle to write or read 700 words. If I was a buyer attempting to read 700 words of badly written English it would only make me realise this is a seller I don’t want to work with! Whereas if they had written 200 words, they might get away with it! A long post can do more harm than good.

Also, and it’s a personal thing (although I know of others who would say the same), if I see a phrase like “I hope you’re doing great” it greatly irritates me and makes me not want to work with that person. Some people think it’s a friendly phrase, others (like me) think it’s a hideous use of the English language. Again, for me, it just sets the wrong tone - I don’t find it a professional way to communicate.

So what works for one person doesn’t always work for another. And while I actually agree with some of your post, in terms of maintaining integrity on the forum, new sellers should always be cautious about taking advice from other inexperienced sellers.

I’m certainly not saying I’m right and you’re wrong (I’m really not), but it’s important for sellers to find what works for them and to inject their own personality into their profile and gigs.


There’s no way to write a 700-word gig description. The word count is set to 1200 characters maximum, which is equivalent to 200 words, give or take.


Actually, I meant 700 characters not words. :sweat_smile:


First of all, I meant to say 700 characters not words.

Secondly, Thank you for highlighting everything you felt wrong about this post. It would help many new sellers. :smiley:


As I said, I’m not saying you’re wrong and I’m right - it’s just different things work for different people. Good luck with developing a successful business on Fiverr.


You’re not saying but actually you’re right. It’s great learning from an experienced seller. :smiley:

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I’m a new seller and I find this example great and very helpful.
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Awesome post mate,
I also wrote on the same topic a little while back, do go through that as well. I hope it helps the readers :relaxed::relaxed:


Really big thanks man! I try to improve my gig with your tips!


Best of luck! :smiley:

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