Write a Winning Buyer Requests Offer


Buyer Requests provides us with an area where we can view requests made by buyers that need specific tasks completed and send offers in hopes of being chosen for the jobs we apply to. Be sure to check this area by clicking on Sellings and then clicking on Buyer Requests. You can send 10 offers each day. Be sure to check at different times of the day and every day.

The number of requests you are shown is based on the subcategories that you have for your gigs as well as based on the level you are at and depending on your ratings.

These are some of the gigs that I have gotten jobs on using Buyer Requests:


Here are some of the strategies I used:

Do NOT just copy your gig description. I make sure to apply to is being requested. Sometimes the buyer may include certain keywords that they require to be used in the offer that you send. Make sure you follow instructions given in the request.

Do NOT put a price that is over the budget given. I either match the budget or go a little bit under what the buyer says they are willing to pay for the task to be completed. If no budget is included in the request, I try to put a price that is reasonable for the task at hand and also based on my level experience on Fiverr.

Include your experience. I make sure to let the buyer know how much experience I have in completing the task or if I don’t have any experience, I let them know what qualities I possess that make me best suited for the job.

Include samples of your work. If you have samples of previous work done for a similar task, make sure you make those available so that the buyer can see your talent.

These are just a few of the techniques I’ve tried and they have worked for me and I know they will work for you too. All the best!


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Thanks for sharing, i found your strategies are likely the same with mine. Just a simple question: how you include your work samples to your offer?


@pandumstudio You can include a link in your offer to a YouTube Channel or a website where you have your samples. You could also share a link with any samples you may have on a Google Drive as well. Make sure your samples are shown in a way (include a watermark etc.) that the person will not be able to easily copy your work.


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first of all thanks for great tips, you are absolutely right, i am also following these steps it always worked for me.


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