Write you a Novella of any story, Pricing starting at a fiverr per 500 words


Hi Awesome Fiverr users,

I have this great gig of mine which I would want everybody to get.


For this gig, I will write you a novella based on any story of your choice whether based on a movie, book or TV show. For books; so long as I have read it, there’s no problem; if I have not and it’s short(I mean not a very bulky book),then I can read up and get to writing your novella. You just provide me with your desired story title, a twist or two you want to it and other specifics you may want incorporated and you will have the story line go or end as you wished it would before that movie director or writer disappointed you. Alternatively, you could just provide me with a plot and theme if you have a story idea and I would go about expanding you idea into an elaborate novella.

Wish to get a Christmas story this festive season? Contact me as well, let’s make it fun.

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