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Writer claims I must pay him more money to properly write an article

Hi guys!

I recently ordered an article for my website. I’m super busy writing for other people and have not had time to write for myself. I decided to hire a writer to write for my site while I writer for others during this busy time.

The article from my order was suppose to be a piece about the best items in my site’s niche. I paid for 1,000 words.

However, the article from the writer (seller) was far below average. The article reads like a page from Wikipedia or a dictionary. It is a basically a list of information about the items’ properties. It does not provide any opinions. The writer does not writer any adjectives to express opinions of each item on the list.

I asked for a revision and the writer claims I must pay him more if I want him to express opinions. He claims the article must be longer to be able to express an opinion. His statement is pure insanity. Anybody can express an opinion in 200 words.

I’ve never canceled an order before, and I am strongly considering it.


We can not provide much help without any further context. It depends on how the seller has written the gig, is he stating if he includes opinions etc. If nothing is written about opinions, then, he should include them if you ask with a revision, i don’t see why he wouldnt. That is if you have any revisions left with your order.


I think it is little to early to tell you this, maybe this would fit after one hour of debate and more people involved, but here it is:
You win some, you lose some.

That is how it is on Fiverr. Even if the “packaging” looks superb behind you could have a rotten egg.

No, still we can not tell you anything more because we do not know all the details, did you clearly explain to him what you need, did you make sure he understood what you said?

Either way, if you see that he is not going to deliver what you need, and it is obvious from your communication and his GIG description he should deliver what you need, do not waste time here or there, just go directly to Customer Service.


To provide further details without stating the name or complete subject of the article for SEO purposes, the article is a list of the best games in a particular series. The original article from the writer reads like a page from Wikipedia with facts about the features but does not provide any reason why these games are good or on the list.

He sent a revised version that I argue is even a worst article than the first. He states incorrect information in the revision. For example, he says MegaMan is a green character. That is an insult to my intelligence. Another example, he says one game features a powerup that is not in the game. He also strangely compares gameplay from Super Mario to Pokemon.

I am looking for an option to contact customer support due to extreme quality issues. I don’t see an option. It just tells me to talk to the seller.

Just request a cancellation, sounds like some terrible work from them.


Stop typing here please and CS, CS and…a … CS! Cancel, get your money back, block him.

Just be persistent with CS. Tell them that it is obvious from his writing he has no idea how to perform a job properly or at any level that is even remotely acceptable.


would they have to have some interment knowledge of the games in question, i,e. megaman?

They can research. Even if I know subject I still do research just to be extra safe.


Thank you for the advice. It gets worse. He says there are only 21 Mega Man games. Yeah…this is really bad.

How do I contact CS? I know the page, but it is not allowing me to contact them about this order. I select the option poor quality but it just suggests I speak to the seller.

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At the bottom of the page, there should be help and support in the middle column, you have to click through a few pages, but is usually easy enough to find.

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Games writer here and a lot of times I don’t know everything about all the games out there. I do research. Plain and simple. Now, research is a tricky thing. There’s a fine line between researching game mechanics or a game’s past iterations, and researching whether a character is green or blue.

Thanks! I found it on the page.

Glad to hear! Hope everything goes well!

yeah that is a little odd, about the green blue thing. doing a yahoo image search on megaman i did find this, about 7 pages down

but yeah, cancel and use someone else. maybe contact them beforehoof and ask them what colour megaman is :wink:

The quality of a game is subjective. The facts of a game can easily be found if a writer uses reliable resources. Many developers provide facts such as the plot and designs.

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Everything went pretty well. He accepted my request to cancel the order. He blames me for his mistakes. Oh well too bad I can’t leave a review. It’s time for me to move on and find a good writer.


He sent a message saying he thinks my website is really bad and my website does not demand for exceptional quality.

A word of advice to all sellers as I am also a seller, We should respect all customers, and treat them the same. We should always try to deliver the best quality product. Not every customer is going to have the best looking website. We can always provide a little help by delivering a great service.

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You should report the seller.

Under no circumstances clients should be addressed in such a way - regardless of whether the order was cancelled or not.


UUu the logic. If a beggar comes in and asks for cup of water I should give him mud since that what he deserves…

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I don’t think you actually have grounds for a cancellation here. Orders can’t be cancelled based on quality which is the issue here.
In terms of them insulting you, they have probably just given CS a reason to cancel by doing that.

Edit: just saw the comment about agreeing to cancel.
I’d suggest going for a writer that doesn’t ever agree to cancellations, they tend to be better.