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WrItEr DiScUsSiOn O/T from 188160

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This isn’t true. The best writer on Fiverr is a mad English woman in Greece who walks around staring curiously at vegetables. I aspire to emulate her success and skill but it’s simply not possible.


I said one of the best and I know who you are talking about. You are better than her, trust me.

Ok, we’ll settle this by saying purely factual things like I am the second best writer on Fiverr. I think that sorts it. Thank you for helping me clear this up for everyone.

Now, lets all hope and pray that Grammarly never shuts down.


Using fancy words uselessly doesn’t make one a better writer. I hate writers who use fancy words just to make the reader spend half of the time looking at a dictionary.


Perhaps you just aren’t the target market for that type of writing; correct use of a wide vocabulary helps make writing more effective and memorable as it stands out from the mindless drivel everyone is exposed to on a daily basis.


Correct use of a wide vocabulary and unnecessarily using fancy words just to show off are two different things.


And the fascinating thing is… those vegetables stare right back. :wink:


Vegetables don’t have eyes.

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This one has, with a laser beam. :wink:

Funny how some people are addicted to sycophancy.

I agree.


If it was just one, then your comment was valid. Create a poll and ask the forum… You will know…if its sycophancy or not.

You create the poll and ask the forum if you are interested. Why asking me?


Leave me alone…

Yes, sycophancy to get some work from a busy seller.

Yes, sycophancy to get some work from a busy seller.

Only those will even think of trying to spam her for " Gib me some work, I meksell" who doesnt know her…

P.S My gigs and her gigs are completely different. So no point. :-1:

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But your username says writer and you must be more aware than me whether you do sycophancy or not. Giving me a thumb down won’t do anything.

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