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Writer99025 vs. Banker - Part 2


Don’t know if any of you remember the last time I had a fight unto death with a bank officer, but it just happened again. I went to ask for a form 16A, which is a document I need to pay my taxes. The idiot (same person as last time) delayed and delayed, wouldn’t even talk to me and look elsewhere. So I went to the manager to find out that the manager is a complete idiot who has only been recently promoted who did not understand anything I said and told me to sort it out with the officer. Finally, I got what I wanted when I started prowling like a tiger here and there. Everyone got scared and the fool finally relented. LOL.

(Hello SBI, your service sucks!)


I love the ending! :grin:


Sometimes I make a scene like that too when needed. I have stories, but I will tell another time.


It’s amazing that I have had similar experiences here in a certain bank. I can be the only customer in the bank and it still takes them an hour to give me a simple withdrawal of money. They stand around chatting and laughing, then disappear into the back while I stand there wondering what is going on. It’s as if this is a very big deal to give someone some cash from their account.


LOL…when I get angry, I get really angry…I speak in a very low voice, speak in my best accent, and come across as very arrogant, which I really am not. That’s why I suppose most people in real life except those who are good to me hate me. LOL.

[LOL…I talk like I am an Indian version of Michael Corleone when I get angry…now I realized…LOL]


You know, I really miss someone in this thread…you know who…would love to get that person’s input on the situation :grin:


LOL. You have no idea, I can be like that too. Well, I very rarely get very angry though. I think once a year there can be one or two events where people really put my patience to test. :joy:


Anyway, talk to you later…it is always good to have a fight in a real life situation, it makes you feel alive…as unfortunately 99% of my interactions are online based.


Try banking in Malta. I’ve been here years and haven’t yet been able to open a bank account.

The first experience was the best. The woman at the counter wouldn’t let me open a bank account because I didn’t have a six-month rental agreement to prove that I had an address. She knew fine well, however, that the reason I didn’t have one was because all the landlords are corrupt and don’t like declaring a property as occupied.

Said woman pretended to be shocked by this until I kindly pointed out that I knew fine well that she was the daughter of my landlord and actually lived two apartments up from me.

New landlord and contract in hand, I then tried again, only to be told that unless I wanted to make a deposit of 10K euros, I couldn’t open a bank account because ‘online income’ like mine is a big risk for them in regard to money laundering. - Yes, so I can just give you 10K now from an anonymous source and that’s not money laundering?

I’ve tried since, but now lust stick with my UK bank and Payoneer.

Also, for anyone who does need to launder a large amount of money, Malta is the way to go. The financial regulations of the country are on the face of it very strict, however, property and super yachts can be paid for in cash without any evidence required in regard to where such cash has come from.

Oh, and if you have a spare Million and rich Middle Eastern connections, you can buy a European passport too!



In India, banking is a very cushy position, big salary, not much work, job for life…bank employees start behaving like they are landlords and customers are serfs. [My mom was a banker all her life, but it was different in those days, her generation was different. They were sincere and hard working and did not take anything for granted. ]


I can understand that. It was probably the lingering British influence…

Ah, old times.


Until death? So the banker died? :wink:


Yes that’s probably the custom. just joking


Ha ha. Have you thought of relating with “THAT PERSON” by telepathy? #breakingthroughbarriers stuff