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Writer99025's Garden on a Sunday Morning


I can see Writer99025’s selfie here not the garden :confused:


Damn…I had taken a bunch of images of the garden and all the plants, but can’t upload them because they are of a high resolution. [Anyone can tell me how to reduce the picture resolution to under 3 MB?]

use photoshop to make resolution low

Don’t have Photoshop.

upload in dropbox and send me the link in inbox :wink: I will do it for you :wink:

Sounds too complicated, will just forget about it.

yeah hehe :seedling: :maple_leaf:

Just so people don’t get bored, here’s a picture from the PM Modi rally I attended back in 2014 in Bangalore…I am the photographer…it’s within the permitted picture resolution…


But I wanna see garden ,not rally :confused:


But the pictures are over 4 MB, max res permitted here is 3 MB.

How this one uploaded?

There is an upload option that comes with the message box.

I mean to say is this low res image?

Yeah…under 2 MB

I’m having trouble identifying the foliage. :tulip:

@gina_riley2 I guess after reading the cute comment about Braden. Mysterious numbers guy decided to charm us ladies with a selfie, now that’s cute! :wink:


And the PM Modi rally photo, don’t forget that…

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Barely awake… It’s time for me to catch some :sleeping: :sleeping_accommodation:Zzzzzz, my comfy bed is calling my name.
Not quite morning for me yet!

Okay, used Imgur like @emmaki Here are a few images…


I use Paint to make photo smaller, the resolution. @writer99025

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