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Hello I have a question to the writers … how much did they earn in their first month and how much do they earn now? Did they take the Writers Skill Test?

That isn’t helpful information because it doesn’t suggest what you should expect. There is no general answer. It varies based on many factors.


$20. I also still have my first ever $0.50 royalty check from Amazon for my first ever 6-months book sales.

Thankfully, I can now safely say that I have more than doubled my earnings! :wink:


Let’s just say that I’m happy with what I make on Fiverr. For me it’s a part time income.

As a writer, you have to place a value on your own time, skills and experience. In my humble opinion too many alleged writers undervalue their worth on Fiverr.

Would you hire a writer for $5? I wouldn’t.

And why am I going to want to take a test about being a writer? Good grief! I couldn’t think of anything more hideous.


I earned $0 my first month, and I make much more than that nowadays, though giving the exact number probably isn’t in best taste. No, I didn’t take the Writers Skill Test.

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@franckw Why do you have a writing gig if you can’t even write a sentence correctly? Your grammar is terrible and I can barely understand what you’re trying to say.

Do you think it’s appropriate to charge money for something you aren’t proficient in?


I began to earn within a week but it certainly depends on the skills and service that we offer plus how we are approaching our clients. In my case, I was really amazed. Meanwhile, I am also expecting that this instant voodoo does not just get out of my luck all of a sudden :joy:

and nope I haven’t taken any skills test

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My first month = 0
My first month I actually tried = $4
This month = $1,330 (so far)

I did not take a skills test.