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Writers: how many gigs do you offer?

I see that people asked this question already, but it was years ago, so thought I’d see if anyone has any more recent experiences.

I started off with a basic gig - 500-word blog post. Right out of the gate I got a bunch of sales, was even turning them away. Then about 2 weeks ago the whole thing stopped. Like I was all of the sudden getting zero views, down from 20-30 per day.

Anyways, I see some writers have multiple gigs focused on a specific topic. Does that seem to work better? I recently set up a couple more gigs but they haven’t gotten many views either. Just wondering about the strategy here.




I think it is better to have many gigs focused by topic (tech, medical…) and/or type of the text (blog post, news article, fun article…). In my opinion, it is Simply because it multiplies your chances of getting seen by potential buyers, and somehow gives your gig value as the buyer will open it and think " he only writes tech content, must be a speciality, which means your gig will be automatically linked to better quality"

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Good point, thanks for that! I did set up a few more gigs and we’ll see what happens.

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currently i am offering 2 gigs

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I currently offer two gigs in the voice over field. I am considering creating another gig in the music category for singing vocal tracks. I am not sure how well it would do having a gig in a different category, but I think I’m going to give it a shot.