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Writers, how to activate words count on packages

Hi, I did some research but found nothing.

On the packages of some writers, you can edit the number of words you want to order.

How to activate that option ? I have researched, and did some tweaking but it won’t work on my packages. My buyers cannot edit the number of words they want.

Thank you in advance for those who can explain to me what I am doing wrong



You need to add a gig extra for additional words. Once you do that, your customers will be able to select whatever word count they want.

All they need to do then is to enter the exact word count they require into the “Number of words” field and it will show them the price for that word count on each of your three packages.

There is always a default number shown in the number of words field. That’s just the base number of words that you offer for that particular package. If, however, you have set the gig extra correctly, your customers can just delete the default number from that field and enter their own word count and the price of your gig will change accordingly (according to what you’ve set in the gig extra).


You need to activate the Additional words extra (see below), but there is a drawback: buyers will be able to enter any value in the field, regardless of the description of the package. Try and see what happens…



Thank you so much guys. It worked. :grinning:


I have set my additional words extra such that once the customer’s required word count exceeds the word count of a package, it will be cheaper for the buyer to select the higher package than to select the lower package with the exceeded word count. That way, they don’t select the lower package with the faster delivery time and request for tons of work.

I have also set the delivery time of my cheapest gig package such that I have plenty of time even in case that happens. 5 days for base package (5k words) which, in fact, I can probably complete in 1 day - - 10 days for intermediate (25k words) - - 14 days for top package (50k words).

The way in which the extras are set (and priced) decides whether or not they (sellers) will frequently run into issues with their customers.


I was trying to do this but the option for extra words is no longer there on gig extras. Anyone got any idea how the process works in 2021? Thanks a lot.