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Writers: I Found A Way To Stop/Slow Down Students


Over the weekend, I suddenly began receiving an influx of students messaging me (and some ordering without messaging me) to do their schoolwork for them.

Since adding words like “academic” and “essay” (as in, “I will not write your essay”) to a gig’s description will get it flagged, I’ve found a slight workaround using the requirements form…

This will hopefully, at the very least, keep orders in the “incomplete” stage or prompt the buyer to send a mutual cancellation request.

Since the gig’s description cannot say anything about schoolwork, I also added this image to my gallery:


It’s a pity you couldn’t do a hidden “consequence” where they have to choose their option first and then the consequence would appear:

Are you asking me to do your homework?

  • Yes - Your parents won’t love you any more if you follow through on this

  • No - Are you sure? Your parents will not be happy if you tell lies

  • Definitely not, I have a legitimate and successful business - Great! You obviously did your own homework when you were in school


I love how some of the people who order from me try to make it seem as if what they are requesting is not homework. I had one client request me to write something that I kinda suspected was homework, but decided to be like “whatever. it’s a quick 200 words” but the then they ordered two more, and it was obvious it was homework at that point.

So I did the orders, as I won’t let my cancellation rate suffer due to this, but told them that if it was homework, that I won’t do any more of their orders, as it is against Fiverr TOS. Let’s hope they understand.

Although I did cancel one that wanted me to do this incredibly complex order for 30$. I told them they couldn’t afford me.


I never get these “homework” requests. Maybe my 29-day delivery time puts them off.