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Writers stealing my ideas

I am a buyer and i have had the worse experience with the writers on fiverr. My question is, can the writer I hire steal my idea and do it for themselves? If so, what are my options?

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I am sorry that you had this experience.

I am a content writer on fiverr, and to be honest don’t know how can a writer steal your idea, and if they did, how you came to know?

However, in my opinion the best approach in such cases is to consult Customer support.
You can show them your chat where you have discussed you idea with the seller and also where they are using it claiming it as their intellectual property. (If this is how they stole your idea and you came to know about it later)

The customer support is very co-operative, and if you convince them, I am confident that they could sort it out one way or another.

Best of luck!

Kind Regards,

thank you for your response and it is much appreciated. I will do as you suggested.

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I have stolen an idea. In the very early days of my freelance career, I was hired to write a diet book by someone who published the work but informed me that it wasn’t what they were looking for and therefore weren’t prepared to pay. My response (on seeing that the book had been published), was to lodge a copyright complaint with Amazon and publish the book myself.

Does this prove your point? No.

If you hire a professional writer on Fiverr (and most other places) any work delivered to you comes with full copyright protection. In this case, your writer can’t republish or use the material in any capacity. When it comes to ideas, however, things are a little more tricky.

If you have just discovered that by jumping on a toad and belching three times will result in a beautiful woman running up and giving you $25, yes, people would be mad not to steal that idea from you and there is no way that you can stop them. If, however, you are worried about someone stealing your business idea, you need to be more realistic.

Even setting up a website will cost a couple of hundred dollars (at least). This being the case, a full blown scammer won’t bother stealing your niche idea as it will cost them money to implement. Much more importantly, a genuinely great writer won’t bother. One, they already have careers as writers and two, writing about ideas like yours is something we/they do every day.

it all comes down to what you want and how much you are prepared to spend. if your maximum budget is $5, you are playing a moral and professional lottery with every purchase. Go higher, get better results, and don’t expect to be able to reverse payments or cancel orders and get away with it if the writer you hire is a real pro.


I am glad I could help.
Thank you, and best of luck!

Couldn’t agree more.

However, in his defense let’s say he hired a pro writer and even paid for it, or assume he just discussed it with the writer and later on they couldn’t agree on delivery time?

as a writer, i think whoever stole your idea is a hack and shouldn’t be allowed to use this service any longer.
Unfortunately, you have been very vague in your question and that leads me to believe that the writer “stealing your idea” isn’t really the whole story, either way, intellectual properties are taken seriously in court
as long as there are messages back and forth where ideas are clearly yours, if the writer starts to make money from it, and you find out, you can sue, not only will you get the money that they thought they were going to get, but their reputation will be a lot shittier
i know i’m just reiterating what was already stated, but i hope it helps