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Writers: What do I need to know about offering keywords in my gig?

I’m super new to the freelance writing game, but I see many sellers offer a certain amount of keywords in thier gig description.

I had a buyer ask me today how many keywords I can include

I assume they will all be on topic, so I just told him send whatever keywords he wants and we can talk about it, but I see no problem to include certain words in the article.

What do I need to know to offer this as a service. How many keywords is good, do you charge extra for keywords? at what point do keywords get hard to fit in the article?

I’m writing 750 words, it seems like 6 keywords wouldn’t be a problem, but maybe there’s something I’m not quite understanding about offering keywords in my gigs.

any advice would be appreciated.

p.s. I got level 1 today :smiley: :tada:


Well done! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll delete this bit then.

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well, supposedly keyword density isn’t so important anymore… but the density isn’t what i see offered in gigs, it’s the total count of keywords typically I see anywhere between 3-5 keywords offered depending on gig package.

I was wondering if people find it difficult to fit more than that, or if density does play into it, because I haven’t seen a % density offered on anyones gig, and I don’t think google likes overuse of keywords anyways.

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Keywords are very tricky and you should only offer them if you really know how to use them. (That said, most buyers don’t have a clue.)

Through experimentation and evolution of my own strategy what I do is:

  • Open an incognito window in chrome and search for the highest ranking pages in the same niche as a clients website
  • I then take the Urls from these sites and use Google Adwords to search for relevant, low competition but often searched for keyphrases, relevant to the topic at hand
  • Google will also give you details of similar keyphrases used in searches right from the search page
  • You can also use software to analyze what keywords other sites are already using

The main thing is to be able to use any keywords naturally and not depend on them as a ranking factor. Other things like referring to relevant brands, influencers, and recent industry news when discussing a subject, are much more important.

Then you have things like creating content clusters rather than single standalone articles, focusing on how content is structured and presented, and most importantly of all, having an end website which is optimized for the search.

In short, you will need to research, practice, and develop your own strategy. The best way to do this is to build your own webisite. However, you can also use platforms like Medium and Steemit to fine tune your own blogging/article writing SEO prowess.

Lastly, it is important to not try and over-sell keywords. The majority of my clients have really abysmal websites which really need completely redesigning before they will ever see resutls. In this case, it is (in my opinion) best to include keyword research as standard (if you do offer it) rather than as a standalone extra. - This and always turn away anyone who implies that after publishing an piece of work, they expect to suddenly have Google push them to the number one spot and be hit with a sudden sales deluge.


Oh wow, I was just thinking it was the amount of keywords they wanted me to include, not doing all that keyword research. Thanks for the info!

So when people advertise a # of keywords, does that mean they are offering to research that amount of keywords?

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I have save these golden suggestions of you and will work on them :slight_smile:

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To be honest, I have no idea how other keyword research gigs work on Fiverr. I advertise that I will include 3 keyphrases. However, only a few of my buyers know that part of my overall optimization tactics include things like using Google trends and incorporating trending topics and search terms from there and other sources.

I know that some sellers (and buyers) just use software to strip words from similar high-ranking pages. The problem with this, though, is that say you go to an eBay or Amazon page, you end up stripping keywords from ads from non-related products and basically, just create a meaningless mess.

I highly doubt that my way of doing things is the same as many other sellers. How you find keywords is just as much about developing your own writing style. This is why I say practice on somewhere like Medium or Steemit.

Pick an obscure topic and start blogging about it with a view to getting people interested in that topic reading your work. More views mean your winning. (And on Steemit more likes mean more $$$'s too!)


This is invaluable education! I’ve bookmarked this page for future reference.

and yes, I learned how to create content over on Steem. Did pretty good there over the holidays, but burnt out. I like writing for buyers who just tell me what to write and pay me, lol. I get to choose how social to be over here, it’s not so much part of the job like steemit.

Being on fiverr and making stuff for other people has improved my writing quite a bit, I was a lot less careful about spelling\grammar etc when writing for my own blog.

I don’t think I’ll be offering keywords in my gigs any time soon, I just had a customer ask me if I do keywords, if only I knew then what I know now! lol

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That’s OK. Buyers aren’t really paying for SEO and if you don’t do the keyword research then don’t offer it.
I can’t speak for others, but I couldn’t care less how many keywords a writer uses. I will do the article optimization myself. I usually just need someone to write an article in a way that speaks to my audience.