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Fall Break Special 11/04/14-11/14/14

In honor of the upcoming break, I’m currently offering an additional page of proofreading at no extra charge for all orders placed now through Friday, Nov. 14th.

How can hiring a proofreader help you?

If you find yourself struggling with perfecting the final draft of your term paper, then you’re in good company. However, thanks to the thousands of student papers I have graded as an English professor, I can help you turn your 5, 10, or even 20 page paper in with confidence in the quality of your work!

What does proofreading include?

As a proofreader, I will look for any issues with tone, formatting, grammar, flow, and fluency. I will mark errors and substitute appropriate corrections where needed. While proofing I will also make notes and suggestions about changes to content if I notice any serious problems that might affect your grade.

What does $5 get you?

For $5 I’ll proof a 5 page paper (approx. 1200 words in proper format) on any topic in 24 hours or less. What you’ll receive back is 100% your work, but with notes on what I would need to see changed before giving you an A on the assignment in my class.