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Writing a CLEVER Buyer request

Posting a buyer request is far better than sending your requirements to each and every online seller here on fiverr. Most of the Buyers spend much time on writing a request and tend to describe almost all the details that a seller needs to know, to start working on a project. But why sellers send copy pasted paragraphs in response to your beautifully described requirements?

They didn’t even read the description of your request. But how to avoid this?

Every time I post a buyer request, I tend to describe all the requirements. I get around 50-100 offers to each request, but how do I identify the best seller among others? That’s the question popping in every buyer’s head. Here is how…

Write something unique somewhere in middle of your project description. For example,

Please write A+ on first line of your offer description to ensure me that you’ve read project description carefully.

I once tried this while writing my request. I got 90 offers to my request, and the funny thing is that only 4 offers had A+ written at the first line of description.

What did that mean? Only 5% of the sellers read my project’s description carefully and I identified serious sellers for the project without any effort. This shows how serious the sellers are here on fiverr. How’s the idea?


I disagree. Myself, and many other sellers that I speak with, find that the Buyers Request section of Fiverr is such a car-crash most of the time, that we avoid it. We haven’t replied to a Buyers Request in about 3 years. If you’re not identifying quality sellers and reaching out to them directly, I guarantee you’re missing out on a huge chunk of talented sellers.

Not to mention, you could reach out to only the small handful that you actually like, avoiding the following;

Because honestly, if a buyer ever did this;

I would find it so patronising and condescending, that I would immediately disregard working with that buyer. Remember - Fiverr is a two-way process! Sellers need to want to work with you too, as well as you wanting to work with them!

I’m not debating that there’s an issue with poor-quality sellers failing to read Buyer’s Requests - there is! But your approach is attempting to solve the problem by putting silly, arbitrary requirements in which any experienced Seller would see as a red-flag that you’re not a suitable buyer to work with. You’d be much better off changing your approach to one where you shortlist suitable sellers up-front, and approach them directly with a request. You’ll have a better working experience, build positive relationships, and avoid all of the headaches you’ve described in this post.


What do you think about this?

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@experthridoy24 Depends on the category in which your gig lies. Most of the buyers don’t like copy-pasted offers, and that’s the other fact that quicker you respond, more chances there will be to get an order, and it’s true.

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@cubittaudio Being a top rated seller, buyer requests section may sound trash to you, still it’s great source of getting orders for newbies. (Still I got your point, you’re right)

That’s true. If a buyer is spending 5-10 minutes writing a request, he also expects sellers to atleast read that project description properly. But in this case…

…sellers sent offers blindly. That’s the thing they should avoid.

I’ll not say that I’m wrong or you’re wrong. But everyone has got their own point of view. No offence!

I see what you’re saying. What do you recommend for screening out the lazy people without having to manually screen 100 submissions?

It’s necessary to have objective indicators for screening to shortlist otherwise it takes forever.


I think write A+ if you’ve read carefully isn’t a bad idea. You definatelly should mention all the vital points. Maybe your project is much harder that you think it is. More information will always help you to find your seller.

I read and understand all requests before sending my offer and contemplate on the one I can execute perfectly and then send a detailed offer to the buyer in the following format:

  1. Greetings and a vivid introduction.
  2. Expertise.
  3. Show my understanding of the request and how I will execute the work.
  4. Indicate the price and due delivery date.
    However, I still get no response from the buyer which makes me wonder if perhaps I have used a wrong format to send my offer, if the buyers really read offers from unrated newbies or if it is my profile that pushes the buyer.
    Honestly I can use some tips here.