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Writing a far will you go?


Hi guys I am faced with a dilemma. I need to give a reviews on a few apps but in order to I would need to purchase the apps. I gave reviews on the free versions but the buyer was not happy with that. What would you do? I am new to fiverr this only just my 3rd gig and I don’t want any bad reviews or cancelled orders on my rep.


From what I understand it is standard practice, in scenarios like this, to get a “review” copy of the item for free from the client. You shouldn’t be expected to pay for the item if they are paying you to review their product. I would put that in your gig description that you need a copy of the item or the product itself sent to you to provide the review.

In regards to the current situation I would ask the buyer to provide a copy of it. If they say no, I would ask for a mutual cancellation. (If you can get them to mutually cancel it won’t effect your rating.)


Reply to @kjblynx: Yes you did and yes they did. Well, glad to see we both covered it with basically the same answer. Hooray for agreement!


You should specify on your gig that it has to be a free app. If the app it is not free the buyer can send you a message first and ask. Something like that.

I suggest you to ask him to mutually cancel the order. If he leaves you a bad review you can contact with fiverr explaining the situation. Sometimes they remove bad reviews if the buyer failed to comply with the conditions of your gig.

Good luck!

kjblynx said: I swear I answered this exact same post. Did you make duplicate posts?

theslackjaw said: Reply to @kjblynx: Yes you did and yes they did.