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Writing affects your gigs in a Massive way!

The way in which you write your gig and profile description can be a turn off for Buyers and Sellers alike! Here are some tips you can implement…

Your description should be:

  1. Very clear

  2. Simple enough and easy to understand

  3. Error-free (little to zero misspelled word)

  4. Grammar free

  5. With the quick response rate you want to achieve, download a Grammer software for additional help. If the one you currently use is not on point then delete it and get a new one.

  6. Spend some time writing your profile so it comes across as meaningful

  7. Writing style should be relevant to each gig.

  8. Message responding to Buyers request and Chatting with customers in your inbox should be error free.

Smiles…You will thank me later for my tips…

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Thanks in advance.

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