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Writing Amazon Reviews- Fiver took down my Amazon Gig [ARCHIVED]


Has anyone else had this happen, My gig is to write Amazon reviews. I made a great leap in levels…and delivered good reviews that are verified. OUT OF THE BLUE, states they took my gig down because Amazon has complained it violates term of service???

I do not copy and paste, I write my own reviews and I actually get paid for writing my review experience. I am so upset because I have done nothing I can think of to have my gig booted for violation of terms on Amazon.

Yet fiverr claims Amazon contacted them and that is how I got my gig taken down.

I have been a member of Amazon for over 5 years and never once had a problem with them. I have not been contacted by Amazon at all over any review or purchase issues. In fact Amazon has never complained to me at all about anything.

So anyone else have this issue?


Yep they took mine down too even though it was legit. I actually purchased through Amazon Prime and reviewed and did an honest assessment. It’s just the big brother deal here is all. Being a former Marine and electrician, I don’t know how I stopped so low as to get involved doing gigs. No offense, I think it’s great for someone starting out in life…maybe…but call it the economy or whatever it’s definitely a step down for me. I write blogs for people for five bucks…no make that four. I try not to tell people I do this. I’m ashamed of myself for allowing myself get taken advantage of. So, yea you can not even purchase through your own Prime account and do reviews for people. But this company or whatever it is can take 20 percent of everything you do. Seems a bit lopsided to me.