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Writing articles cheated me. It took me $ 184 to zero work


What can you do if you write articles deceived me, wrote a third of the work, very low quality. Because of a delay in delivery can not be refunded


You could try contacting support if you haven’t done so already. I’m sorry you had a bad experience, but sometimes things like this happen. You might want to look on Fiverr for other writting gigs. I don’t offer a writing gig right now, but I am a proofreader/editor. Maybe I could take a look at your articles to see what I can fix. I hope this doesn’t ruin your overall experience with Fiverr, because there are tons of great writers on here who will give you excellent quality at affordable prices.


Not sure you can fix plagiarism tbh (and fix that typo immediately before you mention how you’re a proofreader! Augh!). How many articles did you get for $184, nisomiz?

EDIT: typo was fixed. Hurray! I will thank me for being helpful for you.


I’m assuming you are offering free help since you can’t sell/advertise in this forum category, even under the “umbrella” of being helpful.


That’s why I suggested he look for other writers here on Fiverr, and I even told him that I don’t offer a writing gig. I only offered to help the only way I knew how; next time I’ll be more clear.


It’s one of those flimsy dollar shop umbrellas that breaks if you so much as look at it.


Yes, thank you for pointing it out. I typed this out on my phone, and I had no idea that I had missed a word.


Hello sir,

You can give me this order. i’ll give you 100% satisfaction…


Edited to show category rule violations stricken.




It’s no problem to offer assistance for free; my clarification was more to avoid another person hopping on and trying a silly thing. Something like asking to be hired and putting a gig link up even though they clearly can’t read English well enough to read forum rules. :wink: You did not do that, but strangely, someone else, @hossain55, did below. Grumble…


So, you didn’t read the forum rules, you didn’t read the rest of the thread but you think you can write high quality English for the OP. You don’t have a writing gig but one if your gigs does say “My design will more creative” Why does this seem like a good idea to you? It is just about a quick $3.xx even if you don’t have these skills in a second language? Seriously, why?


My warning when you spam messaged me was not referring to messages alone. You should not spam anywhere.


Oh, thank you for clearing that up. I know the rules, and I know how annoying it can be to have a problem and post it in the forums, only to be swamped with adverts from sellers trying to make a quick buck.