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Writing Business Plan Gig

suggestion for my gig


If you can make the gig images landscape, it will be good and the last gig image text is hard to read. With all that fix, I think your gig is ready to go.


Thank u for your suggestion


I would never purchase a “business plan” for $5. It wouldn’t be a business plan, it would just be a templated presentation. No financial analysis? Technically speaking that’s not a business plan.

So instead of offering close to nothing for $5 revise your business plan and start offering just one package for the full price.

If someone means business and see the value you bring to the table they wouldn’t bat an eye hiring you for more.

No one would buy a $5 “business plan” it makes you look cheap and of lower value.


@frank_d thank you so much… For your concern

@frank_d but the problem is nobody invests in a new seller… everyone needs ratings good reviews. I got an order 4 days of $15 which is far cheaper than my hard work. But there is no option initially when I created high price gigs I didn’t get orders.

There is a great old saying:
The bitterness of quality stays long after the sweetness of low price is gone…
I do business plans for few years already and will never charge anything less than $700, as this is quality, with marketing and SWAT analysis, with financial projections and balance sheets. For me takes at least 5-6 days to produce a business plan, which is suitable for investors and at the end it is startups selling pitch. Poor business plan = No business
Always remember the old saying…