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Writing buyer request


Afternoon my fellow fiverr sellers please can someone give me a lead example on how to write a good buyer request

Need to Improve Offer

Just state exactly what it is you’re looking for, and give as much detail as possible. Don’t write something like, “Am writing a book. Need help with chapters.” That tells potential sellers nothing, but is all too common in buyer requests.


I don’t think he wants to post a request in order to get a job done, I think what he wants is ways to convince a buyer to pick him, when he sees a request


Exactly, can u please give me a lead on how to convince the buyer to pick me


Be a lot more precise in what you say than you were in your opening post. Other than that, it’s just a matter of luck in that some buyers don’t want to spend any more than $5 or10 and will reject you no matter how good your service, while many other buyers end up not choosing anyone because they weren’t that serious in the first place. Play the averages!



  1. Carefully read the complete BR.
  2. Mention clearly that you can provide exactly what the buyer is looking for.
  3. Be precise and clearly answer to the buyer’s queries if there are any in the BR
  4. Ask questions if you have any regarding the BR.
  5. Mention the timeframe and your quote.
  6. Show your online portfolio if you have any.
  7. Carefully proof read your offer.
  8. Send offer to those BRs only where you are 100% sure that you can meet the requirements.


  1. Never ever use a template response for all BRs
  2. Never use words like “Sir/Madam” etc
  3. Don’t mention your years of experience. He/she can check it from your profile and portfolio.
  4. Avoid over promising and grammatical mistakes.
  5. Don’t write a very long offer.

I may be missing some of the points as I can’t recall everything at this moment. So other experts are request to add their valuable feedback here.

Need to Improve Offer

Could u please construct what I could say


If you type “write buyer request” in the search bar above there are several posts on how to write an effective reply to a Buyer Request.


First of all introduce yourself and your qualifications. Then address what the buyer requires, informing them how you can meet their needs. Finally, write your quote and delivery time, explaining, if necessary, why, for example, you will be taking 10 days and not the 6 they request. Sign off by thanking the buyer for their time and say that you hope to speak to them soon in order to help them achieve their goals. If you don’t get a reply, don’t take it personally, just keep going - you’ll soon get a bite!


@muhammadfaheem0, Thanks a lot for your valuable tips :slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile:


My pleasure…, :slight_smile:


You have to read the request carefully, even though you can use a template like i am using for the past 5 years

Hi, we can create an engaging ANIMATION (YOUR SERVICE) for you and we are charging on the basis of script word count, script should be provided by you, rest we will do…here are our charges (your charges)
Examples as well (like a youtube video)

This template must change according to the buyer’s request


good ideas,