Writing Discussion: How Are You Getting On?


Hi Guys,

I made an account on Fiverr roughly a week before Christmas because I decided I wanted to write content for people. I wasn’t very optimistic because I was aware how competitive this market would be, but sometimes you just have to have confidence in what you do!

Now I’ve made 15 sales and have received a 5* review from every client. Some have returned with additional work and others will soon, hopefully. I supposed I just want to know how others are getting on within this market? Let’s share tips so that we can all kick on! For me, the main thing was trying to write my description in a way that engages people, instead of literally just describing what I’m going to do. That’s your section to pitch to potential customers and convince them to use you over your competitors! I know everyone says this too, but I believe that it’s so important that you say ‘hi (username),’ at the start of every interaction, and if they tell you their first name begin to use this and tell them yours if you feel comfortable, to add a personal touch. I also always end with ‘kind regards’ RB’. Writing is the service we want to provide, so every written communication with your customer influences their perception of you, so you need to make sure you’re differentiating from your competition by kicking ass and building their confidence in your work. Obviously you need to do this with your content too.

I also just want to say how great this forum is. I’ve been keeping an eye on it over the last couple of weeks and although the same names often pop up (which isn’t necessarily a negative thing), 9 times out of 10 the comments are very constructive and helpful.

Keep up the good work!



Hi there,

I’m an inspirational writer/blogger. Just got on this site and I’m seriously considering selling my ideas (quotes, poems, life & relationship advice) here but not sure how to start a gig to attract great buyers.
Any help would be well appreciated.
My blog site is titled, Inspire Your Mind (IYM) where I publish my original writeups

Many thanks in advance


It is crowded. If you are good at what you do, you will stand out as there are many people here who sell spun stuff and are not in command of the English language.

I started writing poems and web content. I have added more writing since. I stuck to my guns, and I have had great results.

@evetti Relationship, poems, and inspirational quotes on images all sell here. I am not sure how your blog would play into that though.


Great thanks for your input.
So do you mind telling me how I can publish these posts? Quotes and stuff on image is what I do.
Just thought to use my blog as a reference to some of my work.
Many thanks
I appreciate any help with this


Website called Canva is free.


Oh ok thanks.
But I was wondering how I can create a gig here so I can get some jobs…
Besides the profile description, how can I upload here?
Sorry my questions are too many just need you to please educate me better on how Fiverr works.

Thank you


@evetti. You need to make your own thread for this since replies to you would move away from the original topic. Most of the things you need to know are at www.fiverr.com/academy but you can ask for personal tips in your own thread. Other users should reply to you then, not here.


Oh many thanks @fonthaunt