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Writing / editing gigs rife with typos, poor grammar, etc

I have a soft spot for some of the amazing graphic artists in this community, to the end that I’ll shoot them a message if I notice a typo or something in their gig text. But when I see a seller billing themselves as a superior editor or writer when their gig text reads like Google translate vomited alphabet soup, I get a little irked.

On the one hand, I feel there really needs to be some sort of filtering happening before these “writers” - and especially “editors” - are allowed to sell their services as legitimate. I work hard to produce the work I do, and it’s demoralizing to see someone low balling our (theoretical) mutual art and butchering it in the process.

On the other hand, if a buyer can’t even be bothered to skim through a page of gig text before turning over an editing project, I don’t know - maybe they’re getting what they deserve?

I’m sure graphic artists and logo creators probably struggle with the same thing when they spot yet another seller using a generic Photoshop program to churn out algorithm-generated logos without a speck of soul or natural talent to them.


I don’t like [reading]… I love it.
And if I don’t love it, I don’t [finish].



I am an artist (sorry for my possible grammar mistakes, English is not my native language) and when I see gigs with stolen art (a few sellers even stole my gig descriptions and my artworks, but now all of them have their gigs deleted), I feel nothing, but disappointment. It’s not only fraudulent activity, but also builds specific customer mindset, like “artwork with 100 fullbody and professionaly rendered characters could be done in 24 hours for $5-$15”.

I really don’t understand how someone is allowed to sell stolen stuff. I don’t understand how buyers can’t differ Photoshop monstrosity collaged from stolen concept arts from quality artwork made from zero. I don’t understand why CS do not react on 90% of reports. There have to be quality control and some moderation or this platform will turn into scam paradise.