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Writing For Adults Sites & Adult Content is Ok

Reached our to Fiverr yesterday to ask whether writing adult content for adult sites is ok or not. It’s a clear “OK” which is a major weight of my shoulders. Gotta love support.


Lovely answer, I’d have bet on something like that.
Thanks for sharing.


No problem, just letting everyone know.

Seriously I have been checking in on the forums hourly to see something like this. Several of my clients request “adult-like” writing, so I was really wanting to make sure I was not breaking any rules. Thank you for posting this! :slight_smile: So just to be sure, erotica writing requests are fine?


Yes, we have a Level 2 seller, offering erotica writing services. I do not provide such type of writing services, but it varies from person to person. If you are comfortable with it, then you can do it.

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Thanks for posting this. I’m sure it will help others, and the Moderators can use your screen shot from CS as an example. When in doubt, what you did is the ideal thing.

For anyone creating a gig with services that might trigger a concern, Customer Support has always been willing to review the gig for you right after you create it. They can tell you if its OK or not.

To give examples, I know of one seller who has strong language in the gig description (it relates to the service) and they had CS review the gig as soon as it was created. I did the same when I created a gig that would involve the exchange of phone numbers for research purposes. In both cases, CS provided a clear OK before a single order was placed, and it does help put your mind at ease!

Thanks again, @ssj1236! Good luck!


Happy to help, now do you have any idea how long it takes for an edited gig to appear back in search again? How long does Fiverr usually take to review the changes made to a gig?

For my gigs it’s has been anywhere from an hour or two to a couple of days. It seems to depend on several factors. Bigger/more edits take longer for them to review and edits made in off hours (weekends/holidays) might take longer. If a gig isn’t back within 2 days, Customer Support can check on it.

Thanks, I basically raised the prices and added a FAQ its been 24 hours will contact support after another day.
Someone should probably make a post about small questions like this and have it pinned.

There are pinned posts about things that we can confirm, but this isn’t one of them. Fiverr hasn’t ever given an official statement about how edits affect search or how long it takes for gigs to return. Since we only have anecdotal evidence, it isn’t one that we would be likely to write up and pin. User experience varies. :slight_smile:

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Awesome! So good to know :slight_smile: Just created a new gig!

Keep in mind, this is only for content writing gigs.

Keep the exact words in mind as well, words are very important.

The same problem happened to me. Someone said to me to write for his site which is related to adult contents. Should I reject his offer or do it. Still searching for the best answer.

As the above thread says, it is ok to do that as long as you are comfortable with it.