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Writing Gigs Question

Up until now I have only been offering video/graphic design related gigs. How do you deliver a written gig without risk of having the client just copy what you wrote and then cancel the gig?

One way is with watermarks and use of image versions or PDF’s so they can’t do perfect text copy/paste. If the buyer approves it you deliver it just like you would a video or graphic design product. If they cancel after that, contact Customer Support and report them and use search engines to see if they are using your material without permission.

How do you prevent it with image products?

Reply to @fonthaunt: It is definitely easier with images seeing as it is impossible for most people to replicate the image/video I provide.

As it is easy to see, I am quite the beginner here still not even contemplating the concept of reaching out to customer support for potential scammers.

Thanks for the tips!

open the text file that has your article

take a snapshot of that notepad

water mark it with text or image and send it.

google how to take snapshot using your pc

i use software ( fast stone ) i got it free

it does all for me just takes seconds

Reply to @ilovecustomers: using a watermark isn’t a bad idea. When it comes to situations like this, I would just use print screen and then photoshop to create a quick pdf file with my personal logo watermarked on it.

I was more wondering about the logistics of a written gig overall and if people have ever experienced someone simply stealing the work and then backing out of the deal.

Thanks for the tip.