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[Writing Gigs] Very Important Tip!


If you offer any kind of gig that requires writing, whether it’s press releases, articles, or sales letters, make sure you proofread your own gig title & description. Make sure there are no grammatical or spelling errors, and proofread your messages before sending them to potential buyers. If english is not your first language, have someone proofread your work before delivering it to your buyers. I’ve had a few sellers respond to requests and spoke poor english and/or misspelled words. So always be mindful of that. :wink:



But everyone is prone to making mistakes especially typos when writing. A good example is (me) and the Payooner writer who wrote this "Thank you for contacting Payoneer Customer support!

Your inquiry is being ‘reviwed’, and we will contact you to the e-mail address provided."

Is it supposed to be ‘reviewed’ or ‘reviwed’.


Another aspect of this - if your gig is for a particular kind of writing, writing the gig description in that style might be a good idea. I’m surprised at the number of poetry writing gigs that don’t have any poetry in the gig description. :slight_smile:



I agree =D>

First impressions do count!

A gig title and description lets me see, as a buyer, what to expect - should I decide to pay

As a buyer, seeing two similar gigs: one gig has errors and another none, wanna bet which gig will get my money?


Reply to @showingyouhow: Exactly! Lol. Gig titles & descriptions help sellers’ not only sell their services, but themselves to the buyers. :slight_smile:


LOL, trust me, i make most of my sales from writing gigs…it is important to try making every communication with the potential buyer, evidence that he has chosen the right seller.


Reply to @maaro1: Most definitely. I usually point that out to sellers who contact me and use bad grammar. I’ve paid for a press release once and I had to make corrections myself.


Reply to @arnevb: wow! Smh. I have to admit I mostly buy writing gigs from U.S sellers, it’s only because the language barrier is too difficult to bypass at times.


I fully agree with you @musiclover. Proofreading is an important part of any writing–whether academic or article writing. Being an article writer, my objective has always been to deliver quality articles. In fact, I had to pay for grammarly to ensure my writing is error free. And although grammarly has always been helpful, it doesn’t highlight some errors.

The other day, for instance, I wrote “correct” instead of “collect” but the spell-checker never highlighted.

I also read a gig description of someone offering writing services, he had made a similar mistake like mine. A part of the description read, “…will do it write…” instead of, “…will do it right…” (I am not perfect and I stand correction).

I am a non-native by the way, Kenya is my wonderful country. But in any case, everything can be learnt and English is no exception. That’s why every day, I aim at becoming an excellent English writer :smiley: and speaker ;).


Yoy are absolutely right!!


Reply to @anaspiechick: Excellent, excellent idea! I totally agree. I may do that for my rap gig. I use to rhyme on social profiles, I can definitely do that here. Thanks for the great tip. I see gigs that offer to write sales copy, yet their gig’s description doesn’t do a good job of convincing me to order.


Reply to @gudwriter: we all make mistakes. The point is to proofread. Sometimes I type so fast, I forget to do so.


I definitely agree. Writing is fun but needed to be driven by good manipulation of the English language in order to simply understand any information one wants to know about. That’s why, I guess, my review gig is sellable here in Fiverr.


I know I personally have issues with my typing where for some reason the letters will jump up to a prior line and mix up all the words and have done about three words before noticing it at all. Looking at it all and noticing things often is my best friend.


Reply to @dracosama: That happens to me sometimes too, but mostly when I’m using my phone. I spend 85% of my time in this forum and on fiverr from my mobile device, so sometimes I accidentally touch the screen and start typing in the wrong spot.




@musiclover, Ahh you point out a good issue but I think experienced writers always follow this pattern. I mean as a content writer, I always proofread my articles not only on Fiverr but out of this platform too. It is a fact that no matter how many times you are proofreading the article or blog, it always needs some improvements. Agree or not??


Reply to @musiclover: I agree. Makes sense to me. How can you show people you write if yours is not good? Same goes for web design.


Reply to @hotwebideas: Indeed.