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Writing in the Inverted Pyramid Style: The Perfect Way to Say it

In today’s Internet there is so much information that no matter how nerdy you think you are you would never have enough time to read everything you want to. There may be some exceptions to this though, and I suppose that would be a reserved class of web readers. Maybe they are paid to do so or something. We can find the truth of this in the name given to those who read on the Internet today–scanners.

Internet readers are not just scanners because there is some sort of feverish and impatient 21st century pressure to spend less time on pages of the world wide web. It is not also because all the information they come across on the Internet are irrelevant. As a matter of fact, the chances that an educated and returning Internet user would access information unintentionally has decreased since the development of powerful search engines. So in a typical case the reader is simply going to search for what they want by inputing text on, or People who even prefer specific response from real people might even prefer to ask a question on or

So how would you as a business owner or individual get his message across to the right audience? Content is king they say but writing with keywords alone may not be able to win the attention of your readers. They click, read the first one or two lines and then feel in a jiffy that there would be other sites out there that have something better to say. So what really happens is that the article you ordered does not serve its purpose or doesn’t help you reach your desired results.

Journalist have been at the fore of web writing today. They write press releases and news articles so many times in a day and they have found about the right point to hit the nail on the head and drive their information into their readers. ‘The inverted pyramid’ remains a style of writing that is unparalleled if you want to get the best from written contents. The experience itself is convincing enough. Supposing I was looking for the best cars to buy in 2018 and an article starts of by telling me the best cars to buy in 2018 with precise details and why the cars it talks about are the best, I would easily want to remain on that page to know more about what it has to say. If it starts off on the wrong foot however, by giving me reasons why I should buy some cars or not buy others. I would quickly start to think I am at the wrong place or not the best to say the least. So the logic is clear enough–most news worthy, most important details, and then the stories.

You can get such fine contents from a lot of sellers on You can also order any of my gigs if as I am a seller here too. Always remember that content is king. Voracious scanners do not have the time to let you know that you are not saying it right or telling them what they want to hear. They simply leave.

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