Writing on Fiverr


More often than not, most of those who lack skill in writing will question the motives of ghostwriters and any other writer who sells the rights to their work.

It’s as simple as this. Writers who truly enjoy scribbling down ideas and transforming concepts into reality will be eager to help others in their own endeavors. The few who enjoy creating stories and pulling humanity into an alternate reality, have no issue with helping another aspiring writer with their efforts. There are some who hold a gift of creativity but can’t seem to convey their wildest ideas on paper and this is where a ghostwriter comes in. They take those brilliant ideas and convert them into something that moves their client to tears.

We take a great pride in being able to excite our clients through writing. Whether it be providing website content, article writing or novel creation, we find joy in making content that intrigues others. The greatest thrill is watching a writer adore how well written their book is or watching a company get thrilled over content they hope will entice buyers. We will write until our fingers cramp up, simply because we love creating inspiration.

I love taking my clients ideas and infusing life into them. I am entrusted with a diverse amount of great ideas and haunting pasts that I do my absolute best to transform into something beautiful. Many people are reluctant to admit they need help in writing and being chosen as the sole informant of their issue is truly a privilege.

I ghostwrite, edit and create for my clients because I adore working with people who strive for quality work and understand the complexity that comes with writing.

All ghostwriters and freelance writers find great joy in the work they produce and love making their clients feel the greatest amount of thrill in their own writing.

This is my opinion on the world of writers/ ghostwriters and how I personally feel about my work, let me know your views!


That’s beautiful! <3 Thank you for that. I as an artist feel you.


Thank you! Glad to hear from a fellow artist. :blush:


Note: I’m sure this is how ALL artists feel on Fiverr not just the writers!


Love it, I enjoyed it and as an artist, I cherished every single word. I don’t get a chance yet to communicate with online clients but I know how it feels like when you enjoy your work an love to create different stuff, it enthrals your soul. well, best of luck for future.


Honestly I wouldn’t even make it so complicated.

Writing is fun. It’s good that I can help people turn vague ideas into words. That’s really it.


Thank you, you too! :slight_smile:


That’s basically the message I was trying to convey!


Yeah, it just seemed like it was conveyed in a pretty long-form way haha. I’m the opposite of an effusive writer, so I always try to put things in the simplest terms possible.


Well…i’m sorry if you would have preferred a shorter version…


I didn’t mean that in a bad way lol. I just gave a TL;DR, as I do :stuck_out_tongue: