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Writing Samples for Writing & Translation Gigs?

As I’m getting back into the saddle of Fiverr for a bit to supplement my income at university, I’ve taken to re-vamping a few of my best gigs in order to get more sales. As I’m thinking of ways to improve the presentation of my writing gig, I decided to include a portfolio of samples of my work, and wondered how common this is for others. I figured the PDF gallery was the best solution, but was wondering what ya’ll think.

Do you include samples or a portfolio in your writing gig? Or do you only provide those if customers ask?

I don’t use a portfolio, generally I direct them to a forum post or two of mine.
If they can make use of those then they are welcome to steal them but they do show I can string a sentence together. As a buyer, I don’t like the idea of things I have bought being used/shown elsewhere so I don’t do it myself.

I have a PDF upload on my writing gigs, and if they message me and I know the type of content they need, I send them links in my response to them. I would love it if writer’s work were added to the live portfolio, but I understand that doesn’t happen for all sorts of good reasons.

It does get added if you turn the option on, if you send the text as PDF (you can send both Word and PDF, PDF will show), and if the buyer allows it.

I’ve added a few in the gallery, after getting the permission from the buyers to share them. A lot of people don’t notice them, though, and ask if I can send them samples. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


That is AMAZING advice - didn’t realize that about PDF - thank you!

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Just make sure to warn your buyers to uncheck the box if they don’t want the text to show in your portfolio. Some buyers don’t notice that they can uncheck it, and complain on the forum about sensitive materials being publicly shown (and, once it’s showing in portfolio, only Customer Support can remove it).


That’s good advice as well. Thanks.

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I uploaded my PDF portfolio a few days ago, but keep in mind that only the first three pages of your PDF document will show (I’m going to split my multi-page document into two and use both PDF slots I think).

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I include samples of past work in JPG format using live portfolio.

That’s good to know. I made mine three pages by coincidence. I don’t know how much clients want to read, but also want a good variety.

Hi all. I am new to fiverr and i dont know how exactly it works

There articles might help you:

P.s. It’s a good idea to create your own thread when you have a problem, rather than bump one from three years ago. :slight_smile:


I usually direct people to my books if they want writing samples. I’ve had people steal my PDF samples content on my gigs. Nothing much I can do about that, except that if someone steals them, they are already on the web 20 times. LOL!

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