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Writing Scam Alert! Non-Original Content


I ordered another article from different seller and another scam. I reported sellers to Fiverr but they don’t do anything!

Simply what sellers do:
Using Foreign Characters to Make the Piece Look Unique

This is very common now, so I highly recommend to check for that!

So, this is how the text looks like:
“We & # 1088 ;r & # 1110 ; d е оur&# 1109 ;&# 1077;lvеѕ on с &# 1086; nvе у і ng еxс е р t&# 1110; оnаl customer…”

When you check in copyscape or something it will show tht’s unique.

How to check the Scam?
WYSIWYG editor

Search Google
Google won’t find anything, even a very common word, when it has foreign characters. Or at least it’ll treat it as a mistyped word.

Right now I start showing who is using this method. In my opinion is fair for all buyers know who is cheating!

Avoid those sellers:


I’m sorry to hear about your experience. As a seller, particularly a writer, it seriously infuriates me that someone would do this. I get that some subjects can be really hard to research, but it has been my experience that most buyers have no issue extending the deadline if that is the case. Thieves like this really make it hard for newbies to find work. No one wants to hire someone without many work examples or reviews for fear of receiving plagiarized works.


I am sorry for your experience. As a writer myself, I can’t agree with such an ugly behaviour. I hope you gave those sellers 1 stars with details so others will avoid them in the future.