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Writing the Perfect Proposal for Fiverr Buyer Request

Every buyer has a different frame of mind. On the first look, one cannot completely understand what type of person is the buyer. With every proposal done using the same template you’re doing two things wrong:

  1. It sounds spammy to Fiverr.
  2. You’re not really getting into what the buyer needs.

Remember the first tip: An Effective Buyer Request Proposal is always unique and written by keeping in mind what buyer needs.

Get into the mind of the buyer. Understand what they need. If your template for Buyer Request proposals contains paragraphs about your previous work with a lot of Flickr Links or you telling your past experiences then your chance of getting hired for the project is only 20%, which I’ll be going into more details later in this post.

Here are some set of rules if you want some serious buyer activity:

It’s not only about you (Don’t Brag)

I’m a buyer, and I’m here to get MY tasks done here. You think I need to know how many buyers you have worked with before? Just tell me if you have experience with something similar to what I need.

In other words, instead of this:

“Hi, I’m a Web Developer who has worked with 287392 organizations since 2005 and many of my clients say that their experience with me has been great. I need to let you know that I have created 50 websites which I am going to enlist here for you to check.”

You need to be like this:

“Hey, Hope you’re doing good. I checked the details and it looks like I’ve worked on something similar to that on this website, I can help you in the task you need. Let’s talk about this in more detail.”

This seems more focused and concise.

Your second Tip summarized would be: Tell them what you can do for them, not what you have done for others.

Try to make it friendly

You can be friendly with buyers, but don’t cross the limits. It’s not about “Let’s drink vodka together tonight” though, but get comfortable with them. This helps build trust.

Be Yourself (No fake Portfolio)

As a new seller, you usually don’t have a portfolio. I’ve seen some people showing fake portfolio from anywhere around the web to gain buyer’s trust.

Only show the portfolio if your name is present on the website somewhere. But it’s a better practice to have a portfolio URL in your Gig or show it in inbox while discussing (only if the buyer asks for it).

Side Note: Try to include a Flickr link in the Gig or profile. Not your own website etc.

Don’t make your proposal scream “I’m hungry for your Money & getting orders!” instead show that you genuinely want to help them. Don’t show fake portfolio, instead let them know that you have to knowledge required for the task.

A Sample Buyer Request Proposal:

“Hey! I would like to get this task done for you and I’m available to do it right now for you. I have understood your requirements and have the required knowledge for this.”

Researching the provided details

This is something you should spend around 2-3 minutes on. Usually buyers don’t provide much details in their request. You can see that this is how the research thing works: you have to check what the buyer needs, then I explained them “ These are the sliders I’ve worked with” which told them that I know something about what I’m doing.

Moreover, I gained trust by letting them know that I will make it responsive as well… (Again showing that I know more than the other people sending offers who miss out on things like these!)

To do proper and quick research about what buyer is demanding, you can read out what they’re saying and check for necessary details. Just go through them.

Some buyers also add things like “Name your favorite color so I know you read this all” at the end of their request, which is pretty much unprofessional (and funny) but beware of things like these, always read and then write your proposal.

Reading long paragraphs is boring

Some buyers just need something quick to get to know you. Especially on Fiverr, when we ourself see long buyer requests we chose to not bid on them (I sometimes do this) the same goes with buyers too.

You have to be extremely concise with your proposals, try proof-reading the proposal once you’re written it. Remove sentences which you think adds no value and have no concern to the buyer’s request.

So another tip to remember: Keep things short.

Sometimes I watch summarized videos of books on YouTube, because we sometimes don’t have time to read out the whole book. Or before buying a book you’d like to know what it is like. We can say being to-the-point does have a lot of value in this world.

I also re-read my blog posts and remove what’s not necessary.

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