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Writing & Translations Portfolio Reminder for PDF Support - Remember to Activate!

Reminder for everyone in Writing & Translations category looking for PDF Support in their portfolio:

In order to upload and display delivered PDFs, you need to activate the portfolio feature for Writing & Translation Gigs.

Tell us: Has the feature been helpful for you?

Reply to @muunstruk: How often do you get request for samples of your work? Ever since I activated this feature, the requests dropped to zero. In other words, I’m making sales without wasting time.

Here’s how I do, when you do the save as PDF, only save like a paragraph or a page, that way you can maintain clients’ confidentiality.

This is how I do it:


Thanks for your order!

I wrote X brand names for you.

Let me know if you need anything else.

P.S. The pdf is to create a portfolio sample. When reviewing this order, you can always delete it if you’re worried about confidentiality.

I feel that a lot of my customers rightfully think, that their translation is private. So are you asking your customers for their permission to use their translation for your portfolios?

Frankly I have cut it off for my translation gigs, because I don’t think it makes a good impression on my clients, if I publish a translation, someone has purchased.


Don’t want to seem dumb but where do I find this feature in order to activate it?

Ok cool. Going to check this out now.

Hi @kashmiah,

Thanks for the tip! I actually hadn’t been aware of this. I’m going to go ahead and activate it today - sounds like a wonderful feature!


Great, i will check now …

Are you saying that to create a portfolio, I have to deliver PDF’s instead of word docs? I guess I could deliver both documents. Personally, I like word docs better, they’re easy to edit.

Reply to @fastcopywriter: I’ve always done the same - and it’s easier for the recipient to accept the changes selectively within Track Changes. But I’m always game for trying something new…

Reply to @fastcopywriter: I think It will be great for you, If you can send them both, PDF for your portfolio and word doc for customer. just saying :slight_smile:

Reply to @videosmaker24: I’ll think about it. I do create mockups of the Facebook ads I write for others because it looks beautiful, and when the client approves them, they become portfolio samples. I don’t know if on my other gigs, my clients would be OK with that. I guess they can always remove the portfolio samples if they want to maintain confidentiality.

Please can you help me and explain me where or at which site I can find this with the PDF :frowning:

yes its been very help full to me thanks for the feature

Where do we find this feature?

Reply to @richardjang: My question exactly.

Hi @flecki, @richardjang and @spectreplume!

If you go into “My Sales” --> “My Gigs,” there’s a page that will pop up with data on each of your current gigs.

For each Gig, if you look to the far right-hand side, you’ll see a little drop-down arrow.

Click the arrow, and when the dropdown menu appears, click in the box that says "Live Portfolio."

This should do the trick! Let me know if that works.


Reply to @flecki: What I do is upload a word document and a pdf, then if I haven’t done it already, I click “turn on portfolio.” I also remind my buyers that they can delete the portfolio sample from the review. Some clients need the stuff to be 100% private.

The only thing is that you should be proud of the portfolio sample you’re uploaded, otherwise it’s better not to upload a pdf and only the word document.

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