Writte the Support about Testimonial Buyers!



I have spokesperson gig and the buyer ordered testimonial, although I wrote in the description I don`t do it.

As you probably know, Testimonials are forbidden now on Fiverr. I personally think this is good for our (seller`s) safety because you never know if you in the future can maybe go to the court because of some false testimonial.

I wrote to Support, they cancel it and they told they said Trust&Safety Team to review buyer`s behaviour.

So, I think we should all write to Support about buyers that order false testimonial. Because they need to be stopped from doing that because many spokesperson sellers have a bunch of cancelled orders because of them ordering testimonials!


I see you have a FAQ which discusses testimonials.

This is a good step in the right direction, but in my opinion people are less likely to read that FAQ than they are to watch your video. I therefore would recommend that you state this explicitly in your video (I clicked the video almost immediately after clicking on the Gig), however I am not sure whether that is permissible or advisable.


Good idea. I wanted to avoid to be negative in the video, but I think is much safer to tell it there. Tnx!! :slight_smile: