Wrong address given: who should pay for postage?


I’ve just had a package returned because the buyer gave an incorrect address. My shipping fee is just enough to cover most packages I send, so paying for postage a second time means I’m practically giving away my gig. Is it unreasonable to ask the buyer to pay for shipping again, if I’m sure that the error was not mine? If so, how do I charge the customer for just shipping, no gig?

Thanks for any help.


Thanks for responses. That was sort of my feeling, too.

Can anyone tell me how to charge a buyer for shipping only when the order’s been completed? My in-country shipping fee is not a $5 increment.


I don’t know how this ended up in Tips for Buyers…I know I clicked Tips for Sellers! Sorry, right church, wrong pew.


Surly buyer need to pay! Because it’s buyer mistake dear