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Wrong country flag by my name!


So I am a complete newbie to fiverr (less than an hour old) and I noticed that I have a different countries flag by my user name. I am from the USA and was wondering if there is anyway to change this?


I think the system does it automatically from when you sign up - probably some kind of geolocation stuff from your IP address I guess.


Thanks for the response, I sent a ticket into customer service so hopefully it will get fixed. I don’t even know what country it thinks I am in but now I am curious about my ip address location.


When I click on your link, it is showing a US flag now.


I have the same problem, and i don´t know how to fix it.


Hi Hempfairie,

I signed up a long time ago but just posted my first gig on Monday this week, under your name click on profile, the account and click edit select country from drop down. let me know if worked for you…


I contacted customer support about this issue - other places online, I heard that customer support was the only one who could change your country/flag. I was specifically told by them that the country/flag updates periodically on its own and there is nothing they can do to change it.

… Am I the only one upset over this? If they can’t CHANGE it, then WHY do it at all?? That’s wrong.