Wrong country - help please


I’m quite new to fiverr but so far so good!

My problem is that fiverr is showing me to be from Kiribati (don’t even know where that is) when actually I’m in South Africa.

I can’t see anywhere to change it - do I need to contact support?


Mona Molly



Thanks so much for the chop chop reply :slight_smile:

Will do so

Mona Molly


I’ll second that.

Just to clarify what actually happens, Fiverr tracks your host IP. Not really your home IP address. So, if the person you buy your internet from has their main servers (Which you connect) in Kiribati, that’s where your inbound from, and that’s where it’ll say you’re from. Kiribati is probably your direct provider, or they supply the system to your local internet provider.