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Wrong Delivery Time – Bug in Buyer Requests' Sent Offers Tab


I would like to report this bug that in Sent Offers tab the Delivery Time specified in the original Buyer Request gets overwritten by the Offer Duration of the offer sent to that buyer. It should behave just like the Budget value does and stay unaffected.

Please look into this.



I don’t think that’s bug. When buyer sets delivery time for like 3 days, and you send an offer for 1 day, delivery time in sent offers tab is changed to 1 day instead of 3 because you sent custom offer for 1 day delivery and not 3 days.

Well, there’s already the Duration column that has the delivery time that you’ve offered, so, that information is not missing. I don’t see why that should also show up under the original request as well.

Being able to see the original delivery time along with the original budget – which shows up correctly, by the way – helps me to analyze buyer flexibility when my offers get accepted or not.

Okay, I just noticed yesterday that this has been (sort of) fixed. Thanks for that!

But, I also noticed soon thereafter that the bug has simply been switched i.e. instead of overwriting budget it now overwrites the requested delivery time with the offered duration.

I’m glad that this is being looked into, and I’m hopeful that this would be fixed soon.