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Wrong "Earned in January" Stats


Hello everyone,
I just noticed that my dashboard is showing a different amount for “Earned in January” as compared to the amount I can see on the home page of Fiverr app.
I am not 100% sure which one is correct but there is $40 difference between the stats. I wonder if it’s happening only with my account or is that a general bug affecting other seller’s accounts too?
Can anyone please check and update here?
Thank you!

My "earnings" are not showing the correct $ pending?

Well, you don’t need to go far for your answer.
We already have few topics with exact same title as yours, so you can just read comments there and people discovered so far :wink:


Many thanks! I actually tried to find it same topics before I posted it but couldn’t. Let me try again.


its a general bug its happening with my account too.not need to worry.


Try the following for the forum search: “earning decreasing”. I found at least two relevant articles.