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Wrong Earning amount

My dashboard and my analytics page shows different earning for the month !
I am attaching the screen shots…

(P.S I have combined 4 screenshots in one to make it easier to understand…left side column is of last month and right side one is of current month )

So I already have a ticket for this and its been 25 days now and I am still waiting for the solution…
I just want to know if any body is facing this issue ?
Does anybody know why and what is this ?


Is it because of the tax in India? One page shows it and one does not? :thinking:


I didn’t get what one page show and one not…
I actually check for tax thing as well…my total TDS is $ 38.03 and that is not even closer to the difference of both pages…later I thought it may be Tips that they are not calculating on dash board but I guess that’s not the case as well…and if it is It must be shown on both page so I know how much I made in a month :confused:

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I have a Fiverr Friend who has had issues in the past with the wrong income showing. I never check. I always think it must be correct. Maybe I am too trusting? :thinking:

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I guess so !
Yet I haven’t check my total income with that figures because it too difficult for me calculate and lots of orders…
I think it’s just wrong digits and I am getting paid the original amount I am earning…But now you said this so I have to give it more time and have to check for that too…and may be you too ?

Do you see different amount on your dashboard and Analytics page ?

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I have never checked that before. But I looked just now, and my Dashboard is showing $2 more than my Analytics page. That is more than likely a Fiverr :bug:.


More I earn bigger the difference is !
so it was initially $5-10 but now $80…I hope its bug just in visuals :smiley:

Wait, I just noticed one says “Earned in April” and one says “Earned in May.”

Mine both say “Earned in May.”

I have combined them in one…sorry if its confusing
So left side column is of my April earning and difference and right side one is for my current month earnings and difference, So I am facing this since April

I see. (20 characters)


After reading your post, I checked the May income on my dashboard and analytics page, and I am facing the same error, albeit the difference is much less. My May income is a few hundred bucks higher than yours, so I don’t think it has anything to do with the actual figures since I’m missing around $27. I even checked my Promoted Gigs section (I paid $39 for April) and my TDS is $18.28. So, there is nothing that explains the missing amount.

To be honest though, I am inclined to believe that this is one of those typically bizarre Fiverr bugs. There is hardly any discrepancy between the approximate amount that I’ve transferred to my bank so far and what is displayed under the Net Income section (barring the Pending Clearance income).

Well !
So I guess it’s not just me…but it’s that people haven’t checked it yet !