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Wrong gig cancellations lead to demotions

It has came to my attention that an increasing number of buyers are purchasing wrong gigs and therefore request cancellations, which affect our Order Completion Rate. Personally, mine is on 92% which means I am very close to being demoted.

Yesterday, I had a buyer who accidentally purchased both my lower tier and higher tier package. He only wanted the higher tier so I had to mutually cancel the lower tier order. Today, another buyer purchased my banner design gig yet he wanted mobile app design. Both of these occasions are just a small representation of the issues I, and other sellers have to deal with.

So how is it fair to reduce our order completion rate and lead us closer to demotion because buyers cannot purchase the correct gig?


Quite simple - it’s not, but sadly that’s how it works. :frowning:


Sorry to hear that but i don’t think other sellers are facing same problem. I mean, Yes they will get few cancellations but not that much. My advice will be to make a simple and clear description so buyer don’t order by mistake.

I know the feeling, been there a few times so far.

If possible, explan a buyer that cancellation affect your exposure and workload. Propose him to do something you would otherwise charge as a gig extra.

In general- there is nothing you can do about it.