Wrong gig! Is anyone else gig showing as someones else gig?


Ok so I check my gig this morning so I can respond to the orders but when I log in and check my gig I’m seeing something about a PR5 blah blah blah.

What is wrong?

Can someone click this link and tell me what you see please?


Sheriff’s Note: Issue Resolved


Btw Cute Girl:D :))


Maybe it’s an inside mole who knows the system and managed to hack it, who knows :stuck_out_tongue: Joke apart, it’s a bit frightening that something like this happened - and if this has happened, I’m afraid to even think what else is possible :frowning: Fiverr should really get a better security system, because this site is like a money machine…


Whew! It’s back working.

hahaha but holy crap, I can’t even be mad at him/her for what they did. Lol they racked in some sales =)

but all jokes aside, that was not cool though.


My question is, how?


Reply to @allysonmichelle: good! I see they deleted the gig, but they need to delete & ban that account. I hope they refunded everyone’s money.


Just tried my link again, and it is back to the proper page now. You all should check yours as well. But that other account has 21 orders now :frowning:



This is happening to most of the sellers here on the site. I’ve had to message clients not to order any gigs from me because I don’t want any of her accounts to be compromised. I’ve contacted customer support already and I’m half contemplating contacting the seller who may or may not be hacking into the website as we speak.


This is interesting :smiley: I see more than 20 orders already on the gig I’m being redirected and the gig is created 1 hour ago :slight_smile: Someone is trying to get rich haha

Edit : seems to be working now,I can see my gigs


What the hell is going on! We’re losing money because of this hacker! The just joined 2 hours ago and created the gig 2 hous ago. I can’t even contact support because I’m on my mobile phone.


:slight_smile: yes,happened to me too . Someone is messing with fiverr.


I’m being redirecd to http://fiverr.com/fragglesrock


same is happening to me …


Yes me too, i think its definitely a hack because that is the exact same gig all my gigs are being redirected to. And this guy is actually getting orders as you can see!

Already sent an email to fiverr. I thought it was just me, but the site could be under heavy attack it seems.


same problem here


ya same problem with my gigs:|