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Wrong gig, mate


This evening, a buyer ordered from me on a ‘I will draw a picture of you and a loved one’ gig.

Their order: "Draw an ostrich for me!"

Me: "You’ve ordered on the wrong gig :slight_smile: Did you mean to order on this gig? [gig link]"

Them: "Draw me an ostrich!"

i just cant do this anymore


Haha ... Welcome to the real world of Fiverr :D

Oh my dear god.


Good grief!

Are they serious? I mean I’m laughing here but it really is sad. I had a data entry gig where a buyer wanted me to write and edit portions of a 9-page essay. Like it was a writing gig. I laughed then too (but not at my cancellation ratio, which increased through no fault of my own). 8-}


I have similar problem. I have 3 orders purchased but the buyer has not provided the requirement and the orders like this are ending up in cancellation due to no communication from them. So tired of this. None of the buyers on my gig read the description for some reason.

If only I can get the buyers to send me PM before ordering or even read the description. I wonder how many other real business who work face to face with clients handle such type of customers. It must be hard for them.


Reply to @ryuken: If they do not respond, you should:

  1. Deliver to the best of your ability, and then
  2. Wait for the order to auto complete.

    This usually results in the buyer suddenly “waking up” when they get an email that the order was completed OR you get paid for doing pretty much nothing. I’ve heard that some buyers just disappear into thin air.


Reply to @ryuken: Hey, no worries! I have several orders like that from as far back as last Christmas. I’m waiting until my cancellation rate can handle it before I get rid of them :slight_smile:


Reply to @madmoo: Oh wow - how romantic! I should really draw an ostrich embrace :'D Unfortunately I have no idea what he looks like.

I had hoped he’d read ‘animal’ also, but in his third reply he stated “draw me an anime ostrich!” so perhaps not. Oh, the pain! I can’t tell whether your cow request is a joke based on the topic, but, if you truly wish for a cow, I would be happy to scribble one together for you!


Reply to @madmoo: Oh, so you mean you and the buyer are stuck in that “orange” page limbo? :stuck_out_tongue: Then, yes, nothing can be delivered and it’s frustrating to wait around for the requirements. But I never understood how a buyer could not include anything under the instructions. You would honestly have to hit “order gig” and close your browser window AND turn off your computer AND not check your email ever again. The page redirects to the submission info in a few seconds! (Barring the seller forgetting to include instructions.)

So far I’m lucky not to have had any “phantom” buyers. Buyers who took a while to get back to the gig, yes. But no “ghosts”.


What madmoo said above. Most of my orders are pending because buyers just purchased them and kept it in their checklist without any communication with me later on. It could be because of nature of my gig where the buyer has their own requirement and they want to use my service only when they feel right. But it hurts my cancellation ratio when they just purchase and keep it aside and dont communicate or communicate on order page ending up starting the gig. I guess we have to notify the buyers about collections option that fiverr offers so that buyers can make collection of sellers and keep it aside for easy access later.


Reply to @ryuken: Wait, there’s something I’m not understanding here. When the buyer doesn’t communicate, is it:

  1. After the countdown starts OR
  2. Has the countdown not yet started because they did not fill in the info?

    Because if it’s case “2”, then I am told that there is no real “order” yet and therefore, no “cancellation”.

    Please clarify. :slight_smile:


Reply to @cheezees: The case is quite complicated so let me breakdown into two ways it hurts us sellers.

Case 1 : Buyer purchase our gig and puts on backburner and does nothing about it. Don’t even cancels either. It just remains in your to do list as active with incomplete tag.

Case 2: You look at such incomplete orders and nudge the buyer and then buyer responds on the order page which is considers as order started, but buyer doesn’t have anything for you to proceed with order. So you end up asking many times and then wait till order either turns up late and goes for cancellation or you two decide to mutually cancel the order. Either way cancellation happens.

Case 1 is where I have some of the orders and most of them in the past ended up in case 2 when I sent them message or buzzed on order page. So if we get such buyers, the best option is to keep them dormant until they wake up on their own instead of nudging them or poking them (lol whatever term applies).


Reply to @madmoo: Wow, that’s awesome! Thanks Ang :smiley: Well, I get the majority of my orders (people or not) on this gig, or you could order from a new gig I’m trying to get off the ground, here:

Your pick! :smiley:


Reply to @boslass: Oh they do buy by accident. I just got one cancellation with the reason - “I don’t think this gig is for me” lol. They do exist with excuse and they realize after ordering. sigh.


I’ve heard that buyers order by accident, but it just doesn’t seem possible at all :stuck_out_tongue:


OK, the case where you suspend the gig, go on vacation, and then they order is HORRIBLE! A terrible Fiverr loophole (this is not the buyer’s fault no matter how annoying you find it).

Besides that, any “incomplete” orders (that finally were completed by the buyer) were NOT ON MY TO DO LIST. It was like they did not exist at all.

Is this true for anyone else? That’s what I’m not getting. On my page, an incomplete order shows up once and disappears from the To Do list when I click the notification. I don’t even get an email until they enter the instructions. A bug, perhaps?


Reply to @cheezees: I think that’s to keep incomplete orders from clogging your To Do list (since they may never, ever be completed), though, as I have a number of incomplete orders that aren’t on my To Do list. Once the buyer supplies information, I’m sure that it will show up on the To Do list. You don’t get an email until the buyer supplies information because up until that point there is no reason to visit the order page, since the buyer has not supplied anything. It’s not a bug, surprisingly, but just a system to keep you from being crowded by dud orders.


Reply to @boslass: Yes, but then the order is not a problem. It is complete (even if it took a while to get to that stage). If they complete the order and then cancel, I get how that is annoying, regardless of the time it took to create the order. But I would not be annoyed by an order that has not shown up yet. If nudging, poking, and messaging doesn’t spur them into action, that’s nothing that can be done. :slight_smile:


Reply to @madmoo: Oh!!! Well I have none but i did not know there was a way to keep track of them. Thanks Ang!


Reply to @madmoo: What? And here I was expecting a picture of Angie embracing the cow lovingly. xD

[Awesome job, @boslass!]


Reply to @madmoo: I would love to see!! :smiley: Have you gotten your $40 credit yet by any chance? :open_mouth: