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Wrong gig order and rude

So I have a customer that orders the wrong gig tells me he wants a facebook cover, which I don’t make for this gig I make fiverr ads. He then gives me a picture of him and an example so I ask him what text would you want, mind you I agreed to help even though it was the wrong gig. He then tells me this “If that is not good enough for you to figure out, then cancel my order so I can select a more intuitive designer” So your basically saying I don’t know what I’m doing, and yet I can say the same for you that you don’t know what your doing by ordering the wrong gig. The thing that gets me is that he is a level 1 seller and he feels the need to treat sellers with disrespect. Let me know if any of you had a issue like this before?

So annoying. I get a lot of orders with no information, or any kind of details! even when I ask, they go like “whatever you feel is good”… and when I deliver, they keep on requesting different colors and different design, and lets try this and try that, like he’s testing his preferences. I know that not every seller accepts this behavior, but I don’t see any way out. I feel like it’s a $5 of slavery sometimes and I wish I can cancel it.
Ask Him to cancel it or send you enough details, Sometimes I ask them for examples of things they like to get a better picture.

I had similar experience. A guy placed order for animation video and started asking me to send website traffic. I told him that this is not what I do then he said deliver any random video. Anyway, I decided to cancel the order and I think you should do the same.

i have two types of experiences, i want to share.
i got an order that she need a banner, images and ad. asked her about the details. got same answer repeatedly. that was kinda funny to me. i just cancelled it mutually that was done itself after 2 days
second one, there was a buyer whom i gave cover letter+resume writing+designing+source file+over 23 revisions (she even asked to change “k” from “K”, even she had word file)
all this in $5.
Then she come up again after 10-12 days.
doing the same. then she placed an order of $5 and start treating me like i am her slave.
i just gave him what she was asking and cancelled the order to give her money back and get rid of her for good.
better get rid of annoying buyers instead of working like hell for $5

Perhaps you could change your gig description a bit, and explain what you need from your buyers in order to start work?

Some buyers seem to think that sellers are mind readers, and telling them in advance what kind of information you need from them can help (or, at least, you can later point at your gig description and say something like “as stated on the gig page, I need this, this, and this, otherwise I can’t help you”).