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Wrong gigs in buyer requests


I have been trying to use the buyer requests option but have a problem. I cant always offer the right gig when I click on a request. Example: “turn my hand drawing into a file so i can put it on a shirt” I clicked on this request but was only able to offer my Logo gig, I wanted to add my Vector gig. This is not the first time either, Anyone else having this issue? Wonder if this will be fixed.


Yes I too have this bug with me. I have two gigs and sometimes it shows only one and that doesn’t meet with the criteria that the buyer needs. Further I have only 1 chance to apply for a single day.


The buyer chooses a category he wants so you are probably only given to choose a gig from that selected category when offering.


I have a similar problem. When I click on one of the buyer requests, a window pops up that says “select the gig that matches the buyer’s request.” I have four gigs that are in different categories. One of them will show in the request window but it’s never the correct one and there doesn’t seem to be a way the change the gig to the appropriate one. Am I missing something? There must be a way to do this. It would be great if Fiverr showed a list of my available gigs with a checkbox so that I could select the correct gig.