Wrong gigs limelighted on some categories


I apologize at the beginning, please do not punish me. But this is true that there are some categories, where Fiverr Editors have placed wrong gigs on the top. Which means a lot of potential gigs for that sub category have lost its place. For example please check “Get Traffic” sub category under “Online Marketing” category.

A lot of people has used wrong category to promote their gig and Fiverr Editors somehow have chosen those gigs to put on top of the sub category.

Buddies please select the relevant category and sub category for your gig.


‘Getting traffic’ according to me means getting hits on the website.

Promoting a product or a service amongst many people will most likely result in the people clicking onto that link and thus providing hits.

I do not think the gigs are placed in the wrong category, maybe it’s just me. :slight_smile:


This is not the editors fault but the users…remember that fiverr does not choice your category you o


I think its because, too many people are offering too many similar gigs


Reply to @artistkyle: Ok, I know the seller choose the wrong category, but its the editors who put the gigs on top of the category, isn’t it? when they do it, can they don’t put wrongly categorized gigs?


Actually gangnampsy Fiverr have an automated system…thus why ‘keywords’ are asked for your gig. The editors only review the top gigs and featured gigs. So before you criticise the Fiverr team, please note this.