Wrong Information provided by customer


Some days before One client provide me a wrong information. After doing the whole projects He said you did the wrong. Maybe I am wrong to provide you a wrong cutting spot of video. After checking the video spot he said me opps sorry you should need to work from start :frowning: Again and Again work


This is not good you have to negotiate with that person…


but what if he will give the bad reviews in complete order.


You have to convince him that i can do it again but you have to pay more if he is not agree than consider it as revision… and do the job again…


Your profile is strong or you are at initial level. if you are new than you have to complete the task… and plz press the like button on this comment


Not at all. I was on the level one seller but i got dropped because of some issues


I think you have to complete the job at this stage…


Thanks I will :slight_smile:


You are always welcome dear…


How many revisions did you provide initially? Maybe I can’t give you the best advice but I can share my experience.
In my post, I’d state 2 revisions. However, I will give 3 times revision if client has been nice, and I do not count my mistake as a revision - I redo it for them.
There are times where I sent 2 times draft, and he’s okey but when I sent the final version, he came back with major changes. I had to nicely tell him, making him understand the processes that I will have to go through, the effort I put in. Maybe some buyers don’t like me being long winded but they need to understand that. To me, this is the best way to justify for myself.
And of course, while I write all that, I already trust that my quality is good and I am giving my best shot. It turns out that most clients of similar conditions give me 5 stars. You can’t satisfy everybody. Long as you know what you do, one bad rating cannot hurt you.


All information provided by buyer should be accurate when placing the order.
After the order was placed, if the buyer change the original content, there may be additional charge,
This is not your fault, you have the right to charge more, especially after spending a good deal of time on the project.
This is up to you. If you decide to charge more, simply explain to the buyer and and send an offer. If you don’t want to, just redo the job.


If the buyer made an honest mistake, you can try to politely explain them that you’ll be happy to help, but it will cost them (state your price for the work), because you’ve already done what they told you to do, and they are now requesting additional work. You can also remind them that they have checked the box stating that the information they’ve provided is accurate and complete, and that any additional work might cost extra (the box on the order page).