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Wrong 'last seen' info always?

I just had a chat with one buyer and I found that ‘last seen’ info it shows is incorrect. You can clearly see the timing here. I checked it after a few minutes but it says the buyer last seen ‘59 min’ ago. Here is the image.

Refresh the page, always happens to me.

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Reporting it to CS on the helpdesk would make them more likely to fix it.


It’s wrong almost 100% of the time for me. One time a client I had an open order with was “last seen 492 weeks ago”

It also says online when I know they’re not, offline when I know they’re on, and sometimes last seen in the future.

The fact that a feature can be that buggy is honestly sort of impressive.


Yeah. I think It happened before but I didn’t realize that time since I am a new seller. It’s not much of an issue but still it’s a part of a communication (and communication is only allowed through fiverr and not any external app ) I think it would be better if they fix this as soon as possible! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hmm. That could also work. But I thought this is a miner bug (at least for me) so I posted it here first to check if anyone else is also facing the same issue. :sweat_smile:

Thanks. But I refreshed the page many times. Even logged out and logged in again , Cleared cache etc. but still it showed the wrong info!

It happens every time to me, too. It’s like going back and forth in a time loop.

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I think if someone replies form the mobile app notification, it shows offline and they are chatting.

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