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Wrong Location Flag


I went overseas for two weeks on my study tour and was working from there. now when I am back in the states it still show that i am from Sri Lanka. This is very bad from the sites perspective I cannot change the country location manually. When I contacted support they said they cannot change it. This will effect my sales as lot of people does not prefer to give jobs to people outside our country. Any help.


Contact Customer Support and ask the if they will let you scan an ID matching your account settings, payment settings and country. If you are really from and living in the USA, they have no reason to refuse that and I don’t believe they would. If your account settings and ID don’t match, you have a bigger problem. If you ever run into payment difficulties and can’t prove all that, you won’t be able to get paid.

Two things to remember:

It really isn’t as true as it seems that people don’t buy outside the USA. In fact, in some cases it can help you. Some people think they will get a better deal outside the U.S. and if your English skills are very good, they will be impressed.

It is important to be honest about your nationality and first language, so no matter what the flag says, you can mention those in your profile. It is very difficult to fake your native language no matter what. If your flag says you are from outside the states but your skills match American English, you’ll be fine with it mentioned in your profile. If you get it changed to USA and your skills don’t match, you’ll end up with poor reviews.


I contacted customer support and said i will prove my residency at U.S.A this is what they said.

Mark (Fiverr Customer Support)
Jun 9, 4:58 AM EDT

Hi Nichole,

Thank you for contacting us.

Your country flag is set based on your current geographical location and updates periodically. This cannot be changed manually and we will not be able to offer a technical solution at this time.

Please clear your cache and cookies and try relogging into your account several times and the feature should be changer.

Let us know in a few days is the issue resolved.

Kind regards


So, basically they are telling you that your IP address matches or has matched Sri Lanka. If you are in in Sri Lanka they don’t want your ID. If you are now in the USA and you clear your cache/cookies, the system will update your flag accordingly. If you are using a proxy server to set your IP as U.S. when you really aren’t there, it may not work.

Otherwise it should reset automatically if you do what they suggested. Your problem should be resolved then, correct?


Hey, did you ever find a way to resolve this? Customer service did not help me either. I live in the USA and it’s showing up as India