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Wrong number of orders shown in queue for all my gigs, wrong days for delivery shows also

Sellers please check the number of orders in your queues for each gig, and also the number of days for delivery that shows on each of your gigs. Look at the actual gigs. Mine are wildly wrong.

I actually have zero orders in my queue. Please post here if yours are right or wrong.

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I’m also facing the same issue since last few months. Not only the order count, wrong last delivery date and also the latest reviews from buyers are not appear in my gig page. I have reported to the customer support and here is the message from them.

thanks for the information. I’m creating a technical ticket for our Fiverr Tech Team. They will review your support request ticket #XXXXXXX and work on resolving the issue for you. This may take some time to resolve on our end, but we will keep you updated on their progress.

Once the issue is resolved, one of our support team members will update this request with the feedback received from our tech team. Thanks for your patience with this technical issue, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Still, I’m waiting and hope the issue will fix ASAP.

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It’s a new layout so they could make the thumbnails showing of other seller’s gigs larger.

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I don’t think so because in my account everything is showing normally and I I switch to private browsing, wrong details are comes up.

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Customer support is telling me they see the correct number of orders in my queues aside from seeing one order in one gig, which actually has zero orders in the queue.

If someone wants to I would appreciate it if they could look at my gigs queue’s and let me know how many orders are in my queues.

here is my gig link and tell me how many order you can see and what is the last delivery date and what is the latest review. share the link of yours and I will do the same.

For the order in queue thing:

When I open your gig (or anyone else’s gig other than mine) the page shows the order’s in queue 1 or 2 days ago (lag). but when I open mine, it shows the correct number. (now yours show 1 order in queue, it might be yesterday’s job)
Open a private browser (incognito mode) and do not log in, look at your gig and see the number for orders in queue, you will see them differently.

Another thing, I have 2 laptops, I log in from both, but both show different formats of gigs.
One shows the new system, where the user profile is in the middle (not on the right side), this format shows current orders in queue, regardless if they were delivered or not.
The other laptop, opens the gigs as the old format (user profile on the right side), this one shows only orders in queue which haven’t been delivered, and as soon as I deliver them (before buyer completes it), the number in queue reduces.

Can you look at my Love Spell gig for orders in queue?

I checked your gig and I can see 11 orders in your queue. and last delivery time 9 hours ago and last review 1 week ago.

To me, his gig shows 7 orders in queue, Im on the old format laptop.
I bet he had 10 orders, 3 of them delivered.
And your money spell shows 1 in queue. (I also bet it was a job you delivered recently)

I have 10 active orders right now. from them 3 orders are incomplete and there is a one delivered order. So my queue should be 6.

I Will Cast A Love Spell On The Person Of Your Choice --> 11 orders in queue

I Will Cast Big Money Spell For Financial Freedom --> 5 orders

I Will Cast The Retrieve A Lover Spell --> 3 orders

I Will Cleanse And Repair Your Aura --> no orders


Thanks, I’ve sent that to customer support

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Having same issue. now i don’t have any orders in queue but it’s showing 4… :smiley:

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The image above the red line is from the new gig layout, it shows favorites as 387.
The image below the red line is from the old gig layout, it shows 357.
It doesn’t bother me, but I want to know if you have similar issue, please if you don’t mind check my gig:

Oh, and as for MY orders in queue they are correct, I have 3 active orders but all are delivered.
So old layout shows none, new layouts shows the 3.

Yes I also have the similar issue.

I need screenshots of my gigs, the part where it shows number of orders in my queues.

Anyone can do this for me here please?

Customer support tells me it’s not happening.

Hope this helps? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you so much, I sent it to customer support.
They told me buyers need to clear their cache and cookies.

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No worries. :slightly_smiling_face:

Because all buyers will know that they need to do this, and how to do it? :wink: